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Jim Bracher's weekly newspaper column, Integrity Matters, addresses integrity issues and welcomes readers' questions on business-related ethics and values.

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Integrity Matters Archives

Integrity Matters - El Sol

Integrity Matters is also available monthly in the Spanish language newspaper, El Sol.

December 31: "Look for integrity in a leader’s eyes"
December 25: "Financial leaders should ask these questions"
December 17: "Security's not something we can trifle with"
December 10: "Integrity in amateur sports goes beyond winning"
December 03: "Restoring trust can take years"

November 26: "Future depends on education of young people"
November 19: "Working relationships require some give, take"
November 12: "Integrity in workplace never takes day off, even if the boss calls in sick"
November 05: "Just because others cheat on taxes, it doesn't make it right"


October 29: "Athletes using steroids setting a poor example "
October 22: "Parents, don't do the homework for your children"
October 18: "Good Character makes a good director"
October 15: "Early evening TV needs to watch its mouth"
October 8: "Credit card fees preying upon the poor and elderly"
October 1: "Love makes integrity a possibility"

September 25: "Boss may tell you his experience was an oversight"
September 17: "It's essential for our culture to curb greed"
September 10: "NYSE chief's big payday smells fishy"
September 03: "Charitable gifts require new study"

August 27: "Like or not, telemarketers have job to do"
August 20:  "Integrity of a sport in hands of the players"
August 13: "Former Enron execs aren't free yet"
August 06: "Corporate world must restore confidence"  
July 30: "Low life scam artists prey on trusting people"
July 25: "Shortsighted boss needs a clue"
July 16: "Hucksters come in many forms"
July 09: "Dog owner should help victim of canine bite"
July 02: "Set a good integrity example for your children"
June 26: "Take time to offer an act of kindness"
June 18: "Brinkley set standard for news integrity"
June 11: "Please say it ain't Sosa"
June 04: "Nothing like annual meetings to restore trust"
May 28: "Business Schools earn failing grade on ethics"
May 21:
"New York Times lives up to ethical obligations"
May 14:
"Some in boardroom have say on own pay"
May 07: "Chicks have right to offer their chirps"
April 30: "Educators at UCLA missing the boat"
April 23:
"Peterson case raises ethical questions"
April 16:
"Government must help the working poor"
April 09:
"'Scoops' drive war news broadcasts"
April 02:
March 26: "Check track records before investing cash"
March 19:
"Readers: We need your help"
March 12:
"In faith - as well as life - integrity does matter"
March 04:
"Boss's behavior seems harsh"
February 26: "Professional faces ethical quandary"
February 19:
"Check before you list charges"
February 12:
"Idea dispute leaves one friend hurt"
February 05:
"Ask questions of company leadership"
January 29: "Boss showed respect for worker's skill"
January 22:
"Does college teacher get passing grade in Integrity 101?"
January 15:
"Don't get into the habit of paying your monthly bills late"
January 08:
"Learning tests the ethical borders"
January 01:
"We lose when a trust is broken"


el 3 de Diciembre: "El Futuro son nuestros jóvenes"
el 5 de Noviembre: "Los atletas que usan esteroides son un mal ejemplo"
el 1 de Octubre: "El AMOR, la ecuación perfecta"
el 3 de Septiembre: "Nos guste o no, los vendedores por teléfono continuarán ahí"
el 13 de Agosto: "Las Corporaciones a nivel mundial deben restaurar la confianza"
el 16 de Julio: "El dueño del perro debe ayudar a la víctima que fue mordida."
el 14 de Mayo: "El caso Peterson provoca preguntas de ética"
el 04 de Abril: “En la religión, así como en la vida, la integridad es importante”

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