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Jim Bracher's weekly newspaper column, Integrity Matters, addresses integrity issues and welcomes readers' questions on business-related ethics and values.

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Integrity Matters Archives

Integrity Matters - El Sol

Integrity Matters is also available monthly in the Spanish language newspaper, El Sol.


June 29: "Integrity book theft proves message needed"
June 22: "Patients must also be smart consumers"
June 15: "Racer's comments sound like a threat"
June 08: "Do the right thing when no one's watching"
June 01: "Workers require integrity as well"

May 25: "Hospitality workers need not play the parent"
May 18: "Writer, reader see different sides of bias"
May 11: "Accountability should be rule, not exception"
May 04: "Media spotlight unjustly shines on Letourneau"

April 27: "War should be last resort to solve problems"
April 20: "Press has its own responsibility as well"
April 13: "Cell phones, airlines could make noisy pair"
April 06: "Integrity is alive and well"

March 30: "Don't let life be just about the 'Benjamins'"
March 23: "Baseball, McGwire strike out with steroids"
March 16: "Integration, productivity are related"
March 09: "Host's language takes from Oscars' grandeur"
March 02: "Integrity conversation has plenty of room for all"


February 23: "Bad taste shouldn't stop free market"
February 16: "Steroid scandal sends wrong message to youth"
February 09: "Enron's leadership will pay for behavior"
February 02: "Use your eyes and ears when starting new job"

January 26: "Personal attacks threaten true justice"
January 19: "Respect the time of others: Be punctual"
January 12: "Honesty always remains the best policy"
January 05: "Look for first job where you can grow, advance"


el 3 de Diciembre: "Propuesta V y ¡Vamos Salinas! vencen a sus detractores"
el 12 de Noviembre: "Lo que promovemos refleja nuestros valores y educación"
el 1 de Octubre: "Todos podemos ayudar a las víctimas de desastres"
el 3 de Septiembre: "No esperen para detener excesos en los deportes"
el 6 de Agosto: "La integridad del Banco Wells Fargo"
el 2 de Julio: "Los pacientes deben ser buenos consumidores"
el 4 de Junio: "La integridad de los empleados es importante"
el 10 de Mayo: "Los medios ensalzan delitos"
el 2 de Abril: "No dejes que la vida solo sea 'sobre los Benjamines'"
el 2 de Marzo: "Escándalos sobre esteroides envían mensajes negativos a los niños"
el 5 de Febrero: "Pon mucha atención cuando comiences un nuevo trabajo"
el 1 de Enero: "La honestidad es un don muy importante"

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