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Jim Bracher's weekly newspaper column, Integrity Matters, addresses integrity issues and welcomes readers' questions on business-related ethics and values.

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Integrity Matters Archives


December 19: "Here are 5 tips to help find that perfect job"
December 12: "CSUMB cagers show integrity"
December 5: "Jane Bracher wind below firm's wings"
November 28: Strong managers needn’t follow ‘fads’
November 21: "Fired execs could share golden parachutes"
November 14: "Be at your kindest -- anyway"
November 7: "Take a page from the Playbook of the Giants"
October 31: "Watch out for the boss with the big ego"
October 24: "Final lecture creates lasting legacy"
October 17: "You can learn a lot from dogs, Yogi"
October 10: "'Wooden bowl' model shows that actions speak louder than words"
October 3: "There's nothing wrong with 'Average Joe' tag"
September 26: "Ride with police officer opens eyes"
September 19: "Apply the rules to spying coach"
September 12: "Pay child support or no passport"
September 5:

"Graciousness is first step toward integrity"

August 29: "Teacher committed to excellence"
August 22:

"It requires good planning to make your retirement a creative transition"

August 15: "Don’t overlook value of failure"
August 8:

"Many resort to lies in effort to avoid the truth"

August 1: "Appropriate behavior rules start with No. 1"
July 25: "Lawmakers should take lessons in civility"
July 18: "Open up to Gates' example of giving back, not Hilton's"
July 12: "Life lessons pour from Noah’s ark"
July 4: "You define your success"
June 27: "Sinner supply plenty of column fodder"
June 20:

"Inconsiderate phone users force rules on us"

June 16: "Keys returned to owner"
June 13: "Credentials require academic integrity"
June 6: "Attorney with TB takes the 'me-first' attitude"
May 30: "Leadership offers key to positive work atmosphere"
May 23: "Children reflect on their parents"
May 16:

"Petitions for Hilton pardon should fall on deaf ears"

May 9: "Be ready when opportunity knocks"
May 2:

'American Idol' values hype over talent

April 25:

Working parents leave much in hands of education system

April 18

Justice prevails in Duke case, but takes time

April 11: "Don Imus a reflection of our culture"
April 04: "Select overseas workers carefully"

March 28: "Hiring? Look at I-C-A-R-E"
March 21: "Give character test to candidates"
March 14: "Family's good fortune demands stewardship"
March 07: "Civility does begin at the top"

February 28: "We rely on our leaders to help inspire greatness"
February 21: "Success measured over long haul"
February 14: "Smith's death news, but not newsworthy"
February 07: "Let's work to replace 'greatest'"

January 31: "Poisoned organizations do a little, want a lot"
January 25: "Some corporate boards fail leadership category"
January 17: "Coaches show class, respect unlike Rosie, 'The Donald'"
January 10: "Colleges chase learning curve"
January 03: "Gerald Ford lived a life of integrity"

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