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Jim Bracher's weekly newspaper column, Integrity Matters, addresses integrity issues and welcomes readers' questions on business-related ethics and values.

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Integrity Matters Archives

Integrity Matters - El Sol

Integrity Matters is also available monthly in the Spanish language newspaper, El Sol.


December 29: "Eight ways to relate"
December 22: "Postal worker’s honesty receives high scores"
December 15: "Athletes need integrity"
December 08: "Kennedy assassination game in poor taste"
December 01: "Vioxx case undermines trust of Merck"

November 24: "Battle for bottom line drives TV football opening"
November 17: "Phelps owns up to error"
November 10: "Your moral compass points in right direction"
November 03: "Students get on-the-job integrity training"

October 27: "Base driving speed on safety, good judgment"
October 20: "Before asking for money, ask these questions"
October 13: "What ethics are involved with legal drugs"
October 06: "Shame on TSA thieves"

September 29: "Don't stereotype group for one bad apple"
September 22: "CBS News fails its responsibility and the 'real news' test"
September 15: "Mentors teach the ropes of integrity"
September 08: "Friend's parents provide graciousness example"
September 01: "Raiding former employer's workers poor business choice"

August 25: "Loyalty doesn't rule out confrontation"
August 18: "CSUMB dean's generosity is a life lesson"
August 11: "When it comes to standards, ask these questions"
August 04: "Resignation tests the organization, its leadership"

July 28: "Education official's comments strike chord"
July 21: "Williams, after losing, proves she's a champ"
July 14: "Openness helps keep business on the move"
July 07: "Top managers must earn high salaries"


el 11 de Diciembre: "Batalla por la apertura de criterio de los programas de televisión"
el 3 de Noviembre: "Use el sentido común, maneje con precaución'"
el 6 de Octubre: "No generalizar a un grupo cuando hay una manzana que está 'podrida'"
el 8 de Septiembre: "Comentarios de oficial de educación causan indignación"
el 4 de Agosto: "Comentarios de oficial de educación causan indignación"
el 7 de Julio: "Los servicios para la telefonía celular son confusos"

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