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Jim Bracher's weekly newspaper column, Integrity Matters, addresses integrity issues and welcomes readers' questions on business-related ethics and values.

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Integrity Matters Archives

Integrity Matters - El Sol

Integrity Matters is also available monthly in the Spanish language newspaper, El Sol.

June 30: "Cellular phone service can lead to confusion"
June 23: "Press on with recycling campaign efforts"
June 16: "New York attorney general targets drug firm"
June 09: "Healthy eating habits up to individual"
June 02: "Business, ethics will always go together"


May 26: "Have a plan when it’s time to pass firm on"
May 19: "Employee loses confidence with boss, move"
May 12: "Everyone pays for military atrocities"
May 05: "Teen steroid issue goes beyond testing"


April 28: "Keeping business honest requires new laws"
April 21: "Businesses balance outsourcing against corporate profits"
April 14: "Questions you should ask an employer"
April 07: "For values, teach your children well, early"


March 31: "Hotel club leaves guest out in cold"
March 24: "Integrity still key in hiring"
March 17: "Drug abuse in sports threatens a crackdown"
March 10: "Include charity, graciousness with integrity"
March 03: "Like it or not, 'real' news matters most"


February 25: "Ethnic humor not funny"
February 18: "Mickey Mouse battles Comcast – Could deal hurt the reputation of Walt Disney?"
February 11: "Super show wasn't super"
February 04: "Officers continue to show integrity - Police officers wish to restore the funds"


January 28: "Integrity has been shown by the police - Paying money back shows character "
January 21: "Age question not designed as privacy invasion"
January 14: "Let both sides beware (Practice your professionalism)"
January 07: "When it comes right down to it, it's greed"


el 2 de Junio: "Tengan un plan listo cuando vaya a haber un cambio de mando"
el 5 de Mayo: "Para que las empresas sean honestas se necesitan nuevas leyes"
el 7 de Abril: "Cuando los clubes hoteleros le "fallan" a sus clientes"
el 3 de Marzo: "Los chistes étnicos no son chistosos"
el 4 de Febrero: "Regresar el dinero es una muestra de carácter"

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