Integrity Matters
June 23, 2004

Press on with recycling campaign efforts

Question: (E-120)

Dear Jim:

I live in England. Do you think companies should be obliged to provide recycling facilities in their offices?

My manager thinks I am asking for too much. He says I am just being a hippie. Since I disagree with him, how am I to argue my case?


Recycling is a modern-day response to compensating for the multiple ways human beings have both constructively used and destructively abused the Earth's natural resources. The Earth is a fabulous source of raw materials. Using up those marvelous resources and not attempting to preserve, protect and replenish them is both self-centered and shortsighted. Those who understand and agree with these two statements know that recycling is simple common sense. Those who cannot grasp the intelligence of the two statements will not be argued into submission. Spend your energies recycling, with or without corporate assistance. You will, anyway.

This is not to suggest that your employer must use scarce capital to build a recycling facility that is out of scale to available resources; it does mean that the recycling resources in your community should be used appropriately.

Of the Bracher Center's "Eight Attributes" that we have defined as integrity-centered behaviors, charity is the one that most adequately affirms the importance and legitimacy of recycling. Over and over, the same questions need to be answered: Is your organization a responsible steward of the people and assets within its responsibilities? Does your organization reach out to those in need?

Integrity-centered living says that the better job we do now will enable those who follow us to live better and longer. So, yes, recycling is sound behavior because it is integrity-centered. Recycling looks at the Earth as a space we occupy for only a short time. The Earth is simply on loan to us. We should respect it. We should make it easy for those with whom we live and work to protect it.

Thoughtful people do not take others for granted. Neither should they take the Earth for granted. Yes, recycle -- all the time.

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