Bracher Center's MBA Impact - Success Leadership Series

Past participants have engaged in a fast-paced, interactive process that was developed around multiple topics: organization, motivation, leadership, strategy, marketing, recruiting, performance appraisal, accounting, finance, legal, productivity and succession. Participants, having attended one of more of the MBA Impact workshops, had this to say after the session:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class and walked away with several key thoughts I plan on integrating into my daily managerial demands. I also plan on utilizing some of the tools to pass on to lower level managers who will also benefit from what I learned from you and Del during the MBA Impact: Essentials workshop. Thanks again."
-- Forrest W. Arthur, General Manager, Santa Lucia Community Services District, Carmel Valley, California.

"What a learning experience! Dr. Del Mank and Jim Bracher incorporated valuable materials into fast action managerial insights with humor and passion."
-- Albert Bettencourt, Assistant Director of Security, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, Monterey, California.

"Thank you very much for providing the very informative MBA Impact - Insights - Finance and Human Resources workshop. I really appreciate you taking the time to meet everyone before you started the morning session enabling us to connect with others. The November 7 workshop was very informative. I truly feel that integrity in all parts of life is fundamental. Being true to yourself and your employees is a must. I enjoyed the personality tests. As a manager I feel it is important to know the type of person you are and the type of employees you have working for you. Knowing characteristic traits of people can help you avoid conflicts, allowing for greater successes. The financial portion presented by opened my eyes to efficient and effective ways to apply financial ratios. I hope to see you at your next workshop."
-- Tom Bramers, Sales Manager, River Ranch Fresh Foods, Salinas, California

"In today's competitive business world where results at any cost equal success, this workshop can serve as a guideline for doing business with integrity and honesty. I would recommend this workshop to any new or veteran manager."
-- Hugo Cazares, Director of Field Operations , Mann Packing Co., Salinas, California.

"You and Del bring a wonderful mix of information, strategic in its presentation, yet attending to all types of learning styles. Your story telling approach and Del's scientific approach meld the beauty of business very graciously. It was a truly revitalizing presentation for anyone looking to get a boost on business and life, and learn a few things they may not have picked up along the way.

My take away was valuable and I will gladly recommend the program to my colleagues. I look forward to the in-depth class next year, and of course, if it's at Tehama; that in itself is one of the biggest reasons for attendance. We are blessed with such beauty in our area; thank you for giving me yet another opportunity to appreciate it."
-- Jillian M. Clark, General Manager, Kitchen Studio of Monterey, Inc., Seaside, California.

It truly was a wonderful, information-packed day. One of the best seminars that I have attended in years. I will certainly recommend it to others in the future.

"Truly one of the most informative and rewarding days I've spent...the objectives were clear, the information concise, and I continue to think about how to apply the materials to my daily business interactions. I was surrounded by professionals eager to learn and Jim and Del were as eager to deliver and see us succeed with these MBA principles in mind."
I'll place a tentative hold on my calendar regarding February 27.
Thank you for being so timely and responsive.
-- Ronda S. Combs, Risk & Compliance Manager, California State University Monterey Bay Seaside, California.

"For non-finance managers, MBA Impact: Essentials is powerful, concise, informative and necessary. Bracher and Mank are outstanding instructors with well organized materials presented in an exciting and engaging style. Positive leadership concepts are interwoven with essential business tools. One of the best days I've ever spent in my own professional development."
-- Robert W. Coon, Vice President, Menlo Worldwide, San Mateo, California.

"I sat on my response for a few days so I could process the material (and there was a lot of material to process). In terms of my personal experience with the MBA Impact: Essentials seminar, in my current circumstances, I found the section on motivation beneficial and more specifically; Alderfer's ERG model, the impact of our "corporate culture" and being wise in terms of how I seek to motivate my staff."
-- Brian Cosgrove, Security Supervisor, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, Monterey, California.

"Jim and Del make a formidable team in delivering MBA Impact: Essentials. Their deep experience and complementary styles allow them to address a surprising level of detail on a broad range of topics, while keeping the session fun. This is quality education!"
-- Christopher Cross, Director Global Education, McData Corporation, Broomfield, Colorado.

"The MBA Impact-Insights-Financial and Human Resources workshop was a very informative and eye-opening experience. I went into the seminar not sure what to expect, but I left with a clear understanding of my personal management style, as well as a clearer focus on the core problems that may occur in the office on a day-to-day basis. I came into the seminar with plans for change in my department, and the lectures and workbook examples gave me the means of executing those changes successfully. Only time will tell, but I feel that this seminar has given me the focus and tools I need to be successful in my role as a manager."
-- Ayumi Dairoku, Accounting Manager, The Salinas Californian, Salinas, California.

"The one day workshop is very well organized. It does cover a considerable amount of material. I can't help wondering what the retention level will be for some of the participants. Perhaps the workshop is designed to give people an overview of a business course and no one is expected to remember the details of the material. The workshop should be helpful to anyone who is relatively new to management. They should follow-up with specific courses at the university level on those subjects they need to know more about in order to be more effective as managers."
-- John H. "Jack" Davis, Pebble Beach, California.

"The MBA Impact: Essentials is a powerful one day seminar which delivers specific ideas to motivate and inspire others. As attendees, we were given valuable information in the MBA modules that will enable us to lead with a greater understanding of all areas of business - leadership strategy, marketing, production, legal and finance. With the inspiring words of Jim Bracher and the practical MBA essentials from Del Mank, this is a comprehensive seminar suited for current and prospective leaders."
-- Mary Echevarria, Director, Finance and Human Resources Denise Duffy & Associates, Inc., Monterey, California.

"The MBA Impact: Essentials Workshop was a very well spent day! The combination of both practical and thought provoking information regarding business management will be used on a daily basis in my position as Controller of Joullian Vineyards. Thank you for the invitation to join you in the inaugural event. I will personally recommend the upcoming July 11 workshop to others very highly. Much success in the future MBA Impact events!"
-- Robert H. Fain Jr., Controller, Joullian Vineyards, Carmel, California.

"I really enjoyed the MBA Impact: Essentials workshop yesterday. It reminded me once again of the importance of valuing people. I found the practical financial tools essential in business dealings particularly helpful to me, as well as the explanation of terminologies and strategies. There were great insights for dealing with and understanding employees, their needs and their assets.

In a world of changing realities and shifting paradigms, it is essential for the leaders of tomorrow to arm themselves with every possible advantage. This good solid business information crosses over all boundaries and applies in many industries."
-- Kay Filice, Owner, Filice Farms, LP, Hollister, California.

"I found your course to be broad in its business applications, detailed, fast paced and enjoyably presented. You have my endorsement.

I would enjoy covering all of the chapters again over a longer period (perhaps 3 days for four hours each day) and drilling down a little deeper. Also, I would enjoy following detailed case studies to illustrate important key business concepts. Both successes (turn-a-rounds) and failures. Glad to have spent the day with you all."
-- Kurt Gollnick, Chief Operating Officer, Scheid Vineyards, Salinas, California.

"Thank you Jim for an inspiring day! I have been using your materials already as I am planning for new hires. They gave me some excellent ideas to incorporate into my hiring practices - not a minute too soon! Once again, thank you for helping me on my path to continued professional growth and development."
-- Siobhan Green, Executive Director, CASA of Monterey County, Salinas, California.

"I found two parts of the workshop particularly valuable. One is the section about types of personalities and the awareness of the personality types in an organization. I have found this kind of information to be invaluable in functioning effectively within a staff.

The second is in the area of strategic planning and the clear definition of values, mission, vision, environment, etc. All too often non profit organizations miss the step and continue on a day to day basis without adequate longer range planning. I found the workshop to be concise, fast moving and a good overview of the various aspects of business. It was helpful for me to understand some of the business terms used in the for profit world."
-- Beverly Grova, Dean of Advancement, Hartnell College, Salinas, California.

"I attended your MBA Impact seminar last week and while I am a long time CEO I enjoyed the day very much and took away a number of things with me that I feel will be of significant value. I am looking forward to getting other of my staff members enrolled to go through this course as I can see when they will surely benefit. The section on Finance stood out in my mind as a wonderful tool for those without accounting backgrounds but with bottom line responsibility to aid them in understanding basic accounting valuations and ratios. I think this is the best I have seen on this subject. Great job and continue the good work."
-- L. Cade Havard, Chairman, CEO, Ecom PPO.Com, Inc., Dallas, Texas

MBA Impact: Essentials is excellent for those who would like to understand the important concepts in business in a day-long format. There are some categories which are just exceptional, for example the Finance section takes difficult concepts from accounting and finance and makes them very easy for anyone to understand. In other sections the combination of Jim Bracher "the strategist" and Darrel Mank "the technician" deliver pearls of wisdom across a very diverse set of topics.
-- Chuck Hixton, Vice-President, Indicative Software, Southlake, Texas.

"The MBA Impact: Essentials workshop on effective leadership was time well invested. The subject matter was presented in a very logical sequence. The training confirmed to me that people in leadership positions are cut from the same mold and they have similar character traits. People look to the leader to establish the company's cultural identity. Jim and Del's illustrations through sharing past experiences brought each topic front and center to the audience. They were excellent presenters because they were good listeners who had a wealth of experience to share. They also stuck to the schedule while taking time to answer questions from participants. Behind the scenes attention to detail items that I appreciated was the way Jim, Jane and Del took the time to greet participants when they arrived, the working lunch, which took advantage of every minute, the venue was conducive to learning and the custom training binder was a nice touch. I recommend this workshop highly to people in leadership positions looking to find something that gives them the edge."
-- Ron Johnson, Vice President of Operations, Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County, Seaside, California.

"Jim's & Del's preparation, professionalism and practice of the principles discussed made not only for an educational day, but also an enjoyable day. Their ability to "cut through" large amounts of information across several key business areas and reduce it to digestible "courses" is exceptional."
-- Clyde W. Klaumann, Owner, Peninsula Property Maintenance, Carmel, California.

"The MBA Impact™: Essentials program offers business and organizational leaders a means of obtaining a succinct and quickly applicable set of business tools through their easy to comprehend presentations. The MBA Impact™ program offers a key points refresher course of critical MBA principles that all business and organizations can benefit from. This is one of the most intense yet enlightening experiences that any business leader can experience in one day, a highly understandable and practical approach to organizational management."
-- Sharan Lanini, Agricultural Consultant, Salinas, California.

"I certainly benefited from your seminar, realizing the tremendous importance of integrity. You are an amazing man and I have the utmost respect for you and everyone involved in your group. I only wish that I had felt a little better. I normally have much more energy. It is always a great day when you can walk away with more knowledge and feel good about the person you are and what you do."
-- Lee Ann Luongo, Sr. Development Associate, Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County, Seaside, California.

"Thank you for suggesting that I attend the MBA Impact: Essentials workshop. I was not sure as to how this would impact my life, but after the workshop was over, I could see how it would benefit many aspects of my personal and professional life. Since I serve on several foundations, boards and nonprofit groups, it was clear that many of the topics you presented are central to my responsibilities as a board member. MBA Impact: Essentials certainly impacted my personal life, our family businesses along with charitable foundations that I serve. Thank you again for a well organized and educational day."
-- Susan Merrill, Owner, Merrill Farms, Salinas, California.

"The MBA Impact: Essentials workshop provided our family business a multi-generation set of tools to sustain values, support teamwork and communication while adding to our skills in marketing, finance, strategy, production, hiring and legal. Our three generation's of attendees from Mills Family Farms walked away informed and inspired and we are able to implement what we learned immediately."
-- Basil E. Mills, President, Mills Family Farms, Salinas, California.

"Wonderful course and review of the essential elements of running and organizing your business and your life! Jim and Del bring to the surface the solid and sound elements that are essential for strong leadership and combine their presentation with a sense of humor that keeps the program light, fun and grounded with real life application and insight. I'm glad our group was in attendance."
-- David G. Mills, Senior Vice President, Mills Family Farms, Salinas, California.

"First of all, I would like to thank you for putting together an MBA Impact - Insights educational package, which has the potential to revolutionize our approach to doing business as usual. I am currently in the non-profit arena but having been in the profit sector and I can attest to finding business practices all over the spectrum. Your MBA Impact workshops, both the Essentials and now the Insights, go to the core of any business transaction by posing the underlying question: Is this the right thing to do? MBA Impact Essentials and Insights have given me the basic tools and inspiration to work with my own team in implementing our mission more proactively. I know our community and especially our youth will benefit from our commitment to always do what is right."
-- Jose Moran, Development Coordinator, Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County, Salinas, California

Your workshops have provided me with business tools that have helped shape my approach with selling and delivering services. Your straight-forward methods for addressing interpersonal issues allow efficient and effective actions that still come across in a caring and kindly way. The Nickel Philosophy is a great reminder of priority setting at work and at home. Your questions around interviewing are burned in my thought pattern: 1. Do I like the person? 2. What has the individual accomplished that required serious commitment and sacrifice? 3. What does the person do for others simply because it might be the right thing to do? You call these your LIKE, SACRIFICE and DIVINE questions.

Your approach makes a difference.
-- Robert "Ducky" O'Toole, PGA Professional, DNA Golf, Carmel, California.

"It was very enjoyable being a part of the inaugural Leadership seminar. I thought the workshop was very well done and educational. I particularly liked the Organization, Motivation and Leadership section along with the Finance portion of the program. I agree with you that the three most important things to know to be successful are how to say "thank you", "please" and "I'm sorry". By saying these three things and coupling them with a handshake to "seal the deal" the complexities of life seem to be facilitated.

I appreciate the time and energy both you and Dr. Mank invested in this seminar. It shows in the quality of your lectures and presentations. I like what you are starting and am proud to be a part of it. Keep up the great work."
-- John Pietro, Head Golf Professional, Santa Lucia Community, Services District, Carmel Valley, California.

"The MBA Impact: Essentials workshop opened my mind to the management facets that one needs to understand and balance to transition effectively to a leadership role in a high growth organization."
-- Glenn Price, Director of Sales - Central Region, Indicative Software, Fort Collins, Colorado.

"Thank you first of all for a wonderfully fulfilling day. I cannot get over the mountain of material you covered in a day. I found it all practical and useful.

I would strongly endorse business professionals to attend your MBA Essentials workshop. What I liked most about the day were the core values that continued to be reinforced. In today's world and in the work place I see it as paramount for employees to have a grounded foundation. Integrity Matters provides a value based foundation for the young professional. I endorse Integrity Matters and what it stands for. I like how you come right out and explain how important it is to be gracious. Say thank you and mean it. I look forward to staying in touch."
-- Chris Pryor, General Manager, The Ranch Club, The Santa Lucia Preserve, Carmel Valley California.

"Many thanks for the opportunity to attend the July 11th MBA Impact: Essentials Workshop at Tehama Golf Club. Your outstanding program gave a comprehensive and in-depth look at the essence of good leadership and provided penetrating insights into the many challenges facing both businesses and non profits today. The caliber of the workshop was excellent, and the breadth of topics covered during the course of the day was truly amazing. With a wonderful mixture of theory, best practice, common sense, humor and an on-point story or two from the real world, the presentation was lively, engaging, beneficial and ultimately inspiring. Rarely do I leave a conference more energized and invigorated than when I first came, but at the conclusion of MBA Impact, I couldn't wait to get back to work and begin again. You and Dr. Darrel Mank make a magnificently effective team, and you have put together an invaluable and highly useful workshop that I enthusiastically recommend to all those in leadership positions. BRAVO!"
-- Michele Rench, Head of School, All Saints' Episcopal Day School, Carmel, California.

"Thank you for providing the MBA Impact: Seminar. As you know, it's been a while since I was in your "portrait" program, and the seminar was an excellent review and reminder of some of the material we went over during that process. The leadership philosophy you espouse and your entire integrity message has always hit a chord with me. It was helpful to have some of that knowledge refreshed and expanded on, and it gives me pleasure to know you will be spreading this message to more leaders through this program.

"The MBA materials were crisp, clear and helpful. I've been exposed to some of the "business material" before, but there was quite a bit that I hadn't seen and it was a well thought out overview of such a broad range of material. Dr. Del Mank is also an effective presenter. It's always a pleasure to have somebody explaining the material who is obviously so in command of it."
-- Bryan Richter, Principal Engineer, Wyse Technology, Fremont, California.

"The inaugural MBA Impact: Essentials workshop was by far the most valuable one day class that I have ever attended. The sessions were well planned, and well paced, and the information covered a wide variety of topics associated with leadership in an organization. The speakers were knowledgeable and the information was presented with clarity and with humor. I look forward to the offering of additional MBA Impact workshops."
-- Sandy Rosenbaum, Administrative Director, All Saints' Day School, Carmel, California.

"I would like to congratulate you and Dr. Mank on providing an exceptional one day management seminar. The MBA Essentials truly did hit the essentials that will assist managers in the important aspects of effective business management. It was refreshing to attend a seminar / workshop that wasn't touchy feely but concise, relevant, and on point. A day well spent."
-- Kevin R. Saunders, Executive Director, California State University Monterey Bay - Auxiliary Corporations, Seaside, California.

"Your May 23 MBA Impact: Essentials workshop at Tehama far exceeded my expectations and those of three of my associates who also came away with insights that will be practically applied in our business environment, immediately. The "take-home" value was and is real. The pay-back benefits certainly exceeded the time and dollars invested. On another note, this workshop is perfect for anyone who is or intends to be a valuable member of a board of directors."
-- Andy Smith, Owner, Andrew Smith Company, Salinas, California.

"Once again thank you for providing your May 23rd Inaugural MBA Impact: Essentials workshop. I recommend Bracher Center's MBA Impact workshops for entrepreneurs, whether they are working in a start-up or a larger enterprise. The program offers substance and content for all business owners. For me the section dealing with "identifying talent" hit a home run. Further, I am already applying these practical insights to my practice immediately."
-- James C. Sterbick, Branch Manager, LPL Financial, Monterey, California.

"Finally, a workshop that is more than just a vague, refresher course. The material covered was meaningful and thought provoking. I look forward to the next session and what further insight can be given to driving a successful business."
-- Machell Sterbick, Designer, Kitchen Studio of Monterey Peninsula, Seaside, California

"Thank you for providing such an excellent overview of the essentials of business in such a gorgeous site. It helped clarify several of my objectives and provided insight into the direction for the future. I look forward to participating in some of the more advanced seminars."
-- Gary Stowe, Owner, Stowe Contracting, Marina, California.

"The MBA Impact: is a powerful, concise, informative and most importantly down to earth one-day seminar. It delivers some great ideas in motivation and inspires leadership strategy. Jim Bracher and Del Mank provided some practical tools that can be utilized in all area of leadership / Management / marketing / legal and finance. Their experience and deep desire/ passion for providing their message of learning was outstanding. I would recommend this workshop for any organization that is seeking improvement and a direction of excellence. This was a quality workshop."
-- Sid B. Turner, Battalion Chief, Salinas Fire Department, Salinas, California.

"Thank you to you and your staff for presenting MBA Impact: Essentials workshop. I work in the field of health-care at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula have only recently been promoted to a supervisory position. Now there are 15 staff members I am responsible for and your May 23 workshop gave me very useful tools to help me manage and grow our department.
I look forward to attending more of your workshops in the future and will recommend them to others."
-- Forest Weber, Supervisor, Patient Transport Department, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, Monterey, California.

"Great seminar! Who needs an MBA when you've got MBA Impact? Jim Bracher and Del Mank provided a good overview of all the important business issues that members of middle and upper management are faced with every day."
-- Rich Weissmann, Finance Manager, Sipex Corporation Milpitas, California.

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