Bracher Center's MBA Impact - Success Leadership Series

Past participants have engaged in a fast-paced, interactive process that was developed around multiple topics: organization, motivation, leadership, strategy, marketing, recruiting, performance appraisal, accounting, finance, legal, productivity and succession. Participants, having attended one of more of the MBA Impact workshops, had this to say after the session:

"For non-finance managers, MBA Impact: Essentials is powerful, concise, informative and necessary. Bracher and Mank are outstanding instructors with well organized materials presented in an exciting and engaging style. Positive leadership concepts are interwoven with essential business tools. One of the best days I've ever spent in my own professional development."
-- Robert W. Coon, Vice President, Menlo Worldwide, San Mateo, California.

"The MBA Impact: Essentials Workshop was a very well spent day! The combination of both practical and thought provoking information regarding business management will be used on a daily basis in my position as Controller of Joullian Vineyards. Thank you for the invitation to join you in the inaugural event. I will personally recommend the upcoming July 11 workshop to others very highly. Much success in the future MBA Impact events!"
-- Robert H. Fain Jr., Controller, Joullian Vineyards, Carmel, California.

"I attended your MBA Impact seminar last week and while I am a long time CEO I enjoyed the day very much and took away a number of things with me that I feel will be of significant value. I am looking forward to getting other of my staff members enrolled to go through this course as I can see when they will surely benefit. The section on Finance stood out in my mind as a wonderful tool for those without accounting backgrounds but with bottom line responsibility to aid them in understanding basic accounting valuations and ratios. I think this is the best I have seen on this subject. Great job and continue the good work."
-- L. Cade Havard, Chairman, CEO, Ecom PPO.Com, Inc., Dallas, Texas.

"The MBA Impact: Essentials workshop provided our family business a multi-generation set of tools to sustain values, support teamwork and communication while adding to our skills in marketing, finance, strategy, production, hiring and legal. Our three generation's of attendees from Mills Family Farms walked away informed and inspired and we are able to implement what we learned immediately."
-- Basil E. Mills, President, Mills Family Farms, Salinas, California.

"I would like to congratulate you and Dr. Mank on providing an exceptional one day management seminar. The MBA Essentials truly did hit the essentials that will assist managers in the important aspects of effective business management. It was refreshing to attend a seminar / workshop that wasn't touchy feely but concise, relevant, and on point. A day well spent."
-- Kevin R. Saunders, Executive Director, California State University Monterey Bay - Auxiliary Corporations, Seaside, California.

 "Thank you for providing such an excellent overview of the essentials of business in such a gorgeous site. It helped clarify several of my objectives and provided insight into the direction for the future. I look forward to participating in some of the more advanced seminars."
-- Gary Stowe, Owner, Stowe Contracting, Marina, California.

"The MBA Impact: is a powerful, concise, informative and most importantly down to earth one-day seminar. It delivers some great ideas in motivation and inspires leadership strategy. Jim Bracher and Del Mank provided some practical tools that can be utilized in all area of leadership / Management / marketing / legal and finance. Their experience and deep desire/ passion for providing their message of learning was outstanding. I would recommend this workshop for any organization that is seeking improvement and a direction of excellence. This was a quality workshop."
-- Sid B. Turner, Battalion Chief, Salinas Fire Department, Salinas, California.

Great seminar! Who needs an MBA when you've got MBA Impact? Jim Bracher and Del Mank provided a good overview of all the important business issues that members of middle and upper management are faced with every day.
-- Rich Weissmann, Finance Manager, Sipex Corporation, Milpitas, California.

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