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We are hired to preserve trust, enhance confidence and build commitment across teams and throughout organizations. Productivity-seeking executives invest in our integrity-centered counsel because they are committed to continuous improvement personally, as well as for their organization, their employees and their multiple stakeholders. Excellence is seldom an accident. Effective leaders attract, retain and promote the best people. By identifying inappropriate behavioral tendencies, we help our clients achieve their goals.

Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership improves executive-level leadership and management impact by providing counsel in three areas:

  • Executive Effectiveness
  • Team Productivity
  • Integrity-centered Leadership

Bracher Center's leadership counsel is built upon our Portrait Process which provides a "mirror" offering increased self-awareness and represents the greatest single opportunity to leverage interpersonal integrity and effectiveness. Our Individual Leadership Portrait process helps clients build teams by providing decision-makers with answers to these six questions assessing upward mobility:

  1. How well does the individual listen?
  2. Does the individual communicate effectively?
  3. What is his or her clarity on issues?
  4. How will this person tend to move vision to action?
  5. Will cultural concepts be readily translated into operating behaviors?
  6. What will be the time-frame for engaging team members?

Are you a potential Bracher Center client?

  1. Is your enterprise anticipating growth and organizational transition?
  2. Does your culture value people and superior leadership?
  3. Will you participate, directly, in improving team dynamics?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then let's talk.

Determine Bracher Center's value for your organization by assessing how perceptively we summarize Responsibilities of the CEO. Chances are pretty good that if we understand the job of the leader, then we are likely to appreciate the kinds of people and skills required to make an organization even more productive.

Please visit Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership to learn about our services; our book Integrity Matters and our Customized MBA Impact Workshops - Success Leadership Series for key employees.

Jim Bracher and his team have provided executive counsel for 8,000 individuals, from around the world, for 26-plus years. By leveraging objective behavioral information and relevant expertise, clients increase efficiency, confidence and productivity.

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