Integrity Matters Broadcasts, 2006

September 5, 2006

Educational Integrity

Dear Friends:

Learning can be ongoing, especially when time and energy are devoted to listening to those who are themselves gaining new insights. Such was the case recently for my wife, Jane, and me, as we heard reports from three faculty members of an Episcopal Day School in Carmel Valley, California just after they had returned from a powerful workshop at Harvard.

All Saints' welcomes Jim and Jane Bracher of the Bracher Foundation. (left to right) Jim Bracher, head of school Michele Rench, French teacher Marie Butcher, 4th Grade teacher Iris Charney-Sullivan, librarian Cynthia Ainsworth and Jane Bracher

All Saints' Episcopal Day School and the Bracher Foundation
Building Connections, Affirming Core Values

August 28, 2006 - Carmel, California -- Three All Saints' Day School faculty members attended the Project Zero Summer Institute at Harvard University, through the generous ongoing support of the Bracher Foundation. At a faculty in-service session, the three "Bracher Scholars" shared their experiences with the entire faculty and staff, along with a wealth of resource material. Special guests were Jim and Jane Bracher, whose daughter Beth graduated from ASDS in 1986.

Faculty members Cynthia Ainsworth, Marie Butcher and Iris Charney-Sullivan were enthusiastic about sharing their experiences with their colleagues. Cynthia Ainsworth, librarian at All Saints', said "What stood out for me at Project Zero is the importance of understanding connections: our past experiences and knowledge and how we connect this understanding to new experiences and new knowledge. Each child brings with them a completely different understanding of the world and how important it is for us as educators to value these unique perspectives as students connect to new ways of viewing the world. The outcome of this expanded thought is the ability to connect to other cultures and form partnerships that will have global benefits."

Iris Charney-Sullivan, who teaches fourth grade at All Saints', was pleased to be able to learn from such masters in the field of education as Howard Gardner, David Perkins and Steve Seidel. "Many of our classes were based upon visual educational experiences that support the multiple intelligences of all learners. We felt especially affirmed that ASDS is on the right track educationally. Just look at our Core Values and see how these ideals pervade our every day learning experiences in teaching to the whole child. This was one of the best professional growth seminars I have ever attended. "

French teacher, Marie Butcher, was encouraged to seek out "excellence, ethics and engagement," and commented, "Our core values at All Saints' were reaffirmed in multiple ways, as we engaged in discussions on topics such as 'What do we really want students to understand?' We were encouraged to prepare students not only for the known (mathematical equations, names or dates of historical events, etc.), but also for the unknown, the challenges that we are all faced with in the 21st century."

All Saints' Head of School Michele Rench said "I am incredibly grateful to the Bracher Foundation for providing the support necessary for a professional growth opportunity of this caliber for our faculty."

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