Integrity Matters Broadcasts, 2006

November 3, 2006

Making Solid Decisions

Dear Friends:

As you know, leaders are paid to make wise decisions - to increase productivity. Effective decision-making requires clarity on priorities and an understanding of the best ways to utilize talent. One example of not leveraging talent is described in an essay by the former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch and his wife, Suzy. Sometimes leaders do not take the time to assess what individual roles can and should do for and with an organization.

We appreciatively re-present their words from BusinessWeek, July 17. 2006. Please ignore my underlining.

Business Week article image

Bottom-line: leverage each individual's professional and personal talent around organizational needs; avoiding the pitfalls often created by drifting into convenient habits and counter-productive stereo-types.
Before a leader's operational expertise is maximized, even before their integrity can be observed, their social interactions must be sound, professional and empathetic. One way to confirm accessibility and concern for others is to be responsive, beginning with timeliness – in getting back to colleagues. Responsiveness is a form of respect and is often seen in how time is managed. In my October 18, 2006, weekly Integrity Matters column, here is my response to:

How can responsible adults not return phone calls in a timely way? Arrogant and rude, such insensitive people irk me. Any suggestions?

No, because they upset me too! "Closing the loop" via phone, where possible, is courteous and professional, whether with family, friends, customers, suppliers, competitors or investors. It makes good sense, personally and professionally, to handle issues - positive or negative - thoughtfully, efficiently and graciously. Dial the number!
Excuses of those who procrastinate:

  • Too busy
  • Unable to reach consensus with colleagues and refuse to complicate follow-up communication with partial or incomplete responses

To learn other lame excuses, click here: No excuses: Return phone calls

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