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February 28, 2006

Listening to college students: "Integrity in Leadership"

Dear Friends:

On February 10 and 11, on the quiet suburban Chicago campus of Elmhurst College, student-leaders raised "integrity in leadership" questions and concerns. Students were optimistic, apprehensive, energetic and unsettled. The good news is that they reminded me of me at the same stage. How great to know that idealism is alive along with a healthy amount of uncertainty. This combination likely will fuel fires of motivation. Let's hope so.

Especially reassuring was the energetic response of attendees following these words of introduction by Ms. Jaclyn Sorci, the immediate Past President of the Elmhurst College Student Government Association. She said: Jim Bracher majored in history and political science here at Elmhurst College and theology at Eden Theological Seminary, in St. Louis, Missouri. He concentrated on teaching in his positions as the chaplain of Saint Louis Country Day School and subsequent parish assignments in Greenwich, Connecticut; Terre Haute, Indiana; and, Carmel, California. His love was and is learning. He is a self-taught sociologist, which means, according to him, that he paid careful attention when his thirteen mentors offered advice. Jim is an entrepreneur and a writer. His distinctive competency is his ability to see the potential of others, enabling those who seek his counsel to become more than they already were while on the road to becoming all that they might be. Welcome, back, to Elmhurst College!

Interestingly, even forty-two years ago, as a first-year college student, frustrations seem about the same: food, grades, discipline, the future, people with power - business or politics - and autonomy. Here is a sampling of their concerns:

  1. What can be done to blunt student apathy?
  2. How does one discover an integrity-centered place to work?
  3. What does it take to get those in power to listen?
  4. How do you, Jim Bracher, maintain enthusiasm for the integrity message in the face of tremendous resistance by a society that appears self-absorbed, oblivious, or worse, unwilling to even pretend to care about doing the right thing?
  5. What is an honorable profession, now that law, government, religion, education and business have all been tainted by scandals?
  6. Who exhibits integrity - and how can we identify them when we meet them?
  7. Can powerful people be trusted?
  8. Did your efforts in social issues, in the 1960's make a difference, long term?
  9. Why should we put ourselves under stress? Pressure has ruined the lives of lots of folks we see, who are older. Many of them seem to lack financial security. Even some of those who might be well-off appear bitter and frustrated.

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Elmhurst College student endorsements for the "Integrity in Leadership" presentation:

  • Jim Bracher's presentation for our students on Integrity in Leadership was insightful, relevant, and a motivating call-to-action as this generation prepares to enter the workforce. His extensive expertise, knowledge, and research of the subject of integrity are clear, while his enthusiasm for the subject and dynamic presentation style paint an interesting and thought-provoking picture which students can relate to and learn from. Prior to working with Mr. Bracher, I don't believe I fully understood all aspects of the concept of integrity and how those related to my life. After his presentation, I feel a renewed appreciation for the concept, and feel better equipped to live and lead with integrity and grace in an ever-changing world where values aren't always a top priority. - Jaclyn Sorci, '07 - Immediate Past-President - Student Government Association
  • Mr. Bracher's presentation was inspirational and demonstrated that ordinary people can do extraordinary things through staying true to their values and leading with integrity. I am motivated to emerge into the "real world" knowing that my values will guide me towards success. - Brian Paladie, '07 - Immediate Past President, Executive Vice-President - Student Government Association
  • Mr. Bracher's presentation truly inspired me in the sense that it helped me to clarify my own personal values. Mr. Bracher tackled many tough issues such as how to deal with apathy and how to stay true to oneself amidst great hardship. I feel much more confident and secure knowing that if I stay true to my values, I will be able to lead with integrity. -Greg Rohatsch, '08 - Representative - Student Government Association
  • Mr. Bracher does not mince words or beat around any bush. He gets straight to the most important points and helps you get there, too. - David Horn, '07 - Vice-President of Student Services - Student Government Association
  • Mr. Bracher's discussion and presentation was a great experience for future career questions and endeavors. It was truly a worthwhile experience. -Annie Matich, '07 - Representative -Student Government Association
  • I greatly enjoyed Mr. Bracher's presentation. It gave me new ideas as a female leader. I intend to put into use his ideas - as a volunteer and as an employee. - Beth Roby, '06 - Representative - Student Government Association
  • Mr. Bracher raises the value of integrity in a world where it is too sorely missed. -Ben Zalisko, '09 - Representative - Student Government Association

As you have just read, these young people remain strong, willing to work and are not giving up on the dream that almost anything is still possible. They smile, study, think, formulate questions, take notes and seem ready to find their opportunities and become productive. As former Astronaut Christa McAuliffe said, before dying in the disastrous Challenger Space Program accident: "I touch the future, I teach." She was right. Learn from her. Return to your alma mater and teach a class: for an hour, a day or week or a semester. Go, listen and feel the hope that is the next generation. Touch the future, teach.

Each of us can restore integrity through insight. Our responsibility is to educate, nurture and support"a world in which people do what they say, are forthright in their communications, and a handshake solidifies any promise." It is less about what we say and more about what we do, over and over.

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