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The Feedback Process*

Would you like to refine your listening skills and strengthen your organizational effectiveness?
If you would, let us know.

Our ninety-question survey, which requires about fifteen minutes to complete, can provide you with critical information regarding your organizational effectiveness with reference to Job Behaviors, Communications, Interpersonal Relations, Supervision, and Training and Development. Our Feedback enables you to listen objectively.

Knowledge of your associates' perceptions, coupled with your commitment to respond appropriately, can lead to a stronger operating style for you and underscore your commitment to organizational integrity.

Our Feedback Process utilizes the following steps:

  1. Self-assessment: Self-scoring ninety-question survey enables you to anticipate how you are being perceived by your associates.
  2. Colleague input: Confidential survey allows your associates to provide you objective data on how you are functioning.
  3. Consultation: Leveraging strengths can be enhanced by addressing vulnerabilities. Utilize our proven give-and-take process that underscores the integrity of honest searching for higher levels of effectiveness. Our personalized counsel guides our clients in leveraging Feedback data.
  4. Action plan: Learn those aspects of your organizational behaviors that need to be retained and address those areas that need to be modified. The process solidifies organizational integrity.
  5. Re-introduce Feedback: Determine what progress you have made since the last time you utilized our Feedback process with your associates. Return to Step 1 (Self-assessment) and proceed, usually twice per year.

If you and/or an associate would like to enhance your organizational effectiveness, let us know.

*The Feedback Process is provided to the Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership by Dimension Five Consultants, Inc.

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