Integrity Matters
January 30, 2008

Apply 3 principles, ABCs toward achieving success

Question: (E-328)

What are the steps to success, without compromising integrity?


Three principles will help achieve success in just about any endeavor while maintaining constructive values:

  • First, be clear about your purpose. Know what you want to accomplish - whether to build an enterprise, serve a customer, nurture a child or simply to have fun. Know what results you seek and make sure others understand, appreciate and accommodate them.
  • Second, communicate your commitment to uphold your principles in all aspects of the interaction. When your operating values are challenged, or simply ignored - whether about timeliness, quality or interpersonal sensitivity - push back, graciously and clearly. By so doing, you confirm your intention to live and work in a values-affirming environment.
  • Third, perseverance and follow-through are the standard that separates those with good ideas from winners who achieve results. An effective and successful chief executive who for a decade utilized our consulting services said his primary job was to attend meetings and repeat things. His primary job was to make sure those who carried out the mission were regularly reminded of the company's vision and values. Is this not the same for parents, elected leaders, bosses, partners and friends?

In fact, just about all people have certain common values and priorities in their lives: the desire to do well and to do right by those with whom they associate. Each role carries responsibilities, even obligations, which transform activities into legitimate partnerships.

Here are the steps to success - A to Z:

  • Affirm values in all behaviors, all the time.
  • Broadcast vision with enthusiasm and clarity.
  • Communicate mission through operational benchmarks.
  • Dedicate toward victory as continuous improvement.
  • Examine obstacles beginning with self awareness.
  • Frame a winning strategy that galvanizes into tactics.
  • Gain support from colleagues and adversaries.
  • Handle resistance graciously.
  • Inspire acceptable options.
  • Join personal and professional priorities and seek integration.
  • Know when you have won; when enough is enough.
  • Listen for sources of self-doubt.
  • Master a process to conquer challenges.
  • Neutralize fear with clarity of direction.
  • Orchestrate resources respecting all stakeholders.
  • Prepare for emergencies and proceed with risk-taking awareness.
  • Question rigidity while respecting commitment.
  • Refuse to abdicate values, vision, mission or objectives.
  • Savor achievements while remaining vigilant.
  • Transform boulders into building blocks and enemies into advocates.
  • Utilize the wisdom of friends and loved ones.
  • Validate appropriate behaviors with timely recognition.
  • Weld values to vision and leaders to people.
  • X-ray your own motives and act only with integrity.
  • Yield opinions to convictions.
  • Zero in on top priorities and celebrate success.


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