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March 05, 2008

Nurturing the Next Generation!

Dear Friends:
These are the times for us – all of us - to keep life’s challenges, big and small, in perspective.

Recently, a younger person did not react appropriately. Case in point: phoning 911-Emergency because McDonalds “fast food” does not have chicken nuggets simply showcases just how removed many folks have become from what is important. (For the story, click here:

In contrast to this immature set of values and a certain lack of any sense of proportion, we can appreciate learning about families and communities that do have a sense of proportion – caring people investing time, energy and dollars in legitimate activities that support youth in the larger community as well as in our own CSU Monterey Bay Executives-in-Residence Pay It Forward Scholarship Program.

At least when you know what is constructively happening on behalf of younger people, you can be more confident that fewer inappropriate 911 calls, like the one reported immediately above, will be made, especially by those who are nurtured and mentored by responsible parents and advisors.

Now for some good news:
Comics for Kids – March 28

One illustration of communities that care locally is the upcoming annual fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County, California. “Comics for Kids” supports very constructive work with and for youth.

For the past few years, my wife, Jane, and I, have invited our friends to sign up, attend the dinner and participate in both the silent and live auctions. We are doing the same again this year. So far, 18 of our friends have clicked on the Boys & Girls Club website to sign up, and have sent in their money, asking to sit at one of our tables. If you cannot attend, and simply prefer not to have another “evening out,” we understand.

Perhaps you will, as some of our friends have already done, choose instead to send a contribution. Great!

Here is the link.

Please let us know if you are signing up. We look forward to sharing a special evening with you to support a worthy, integrity-centered, program.

More Good News
The future of our society - hope is very much alive!

As many of you know, much of my time is now invested on behalf of California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB), having launched the university’s Executives-in-Residence project.

With input from nearly 150 friends from throughout Monterey County and colleagues from across the United States, our first project, designed to address issues related to crime and literacy, has evolved into the rigorous Pay It Forward Scholarship program.

The Pay It Forward Scholarship program is an “on-ramp” for first-generation college students from Monterey County who attend CSU Monterey Bay. It provides opportunities for young people to leverage their talents and prepare for the future.

Our first Pay It Forward Scholarship recipients are about to complete their academic year at CSUMB. They are the inaugural recipients of our mentor-supported program that provides up to $5000.00 per student, per year, for four years - unless the recipients complete their bachelor’s degree sooner.

Our inaugural group has set a high bar, having earned a combined 3.3 grade point average. Great news!

To learn more, click here:

Additional good news!

More apply to “Pay It Forward”

This past week, 20 new candidates interviewed with our scholarship committee to qualify for 13 openings – and, guess what? We are seeing even more of the same: the candidates, having been endorsed by their high school counselors and then accepted at CSUMB, are coming forward with attributes that will assure their success: enthusiasm, intelligence, goal-centered priorities, and consistent family support.

State universities exist, in general, and, CSUMB specifically, at least in part, to help build the next Middle Class – the backbone of any society – and we are proud to be a part of helping support this effort.

Being in a position to literally “observe” the living of the American Dream is an experience I will happily share with you. These young people, and their families – and millions like them – give me reason to have confidence in our future. And, they need and appreciate our support, especially our mentoring, which is an On-Ramp to the Super Highway of Success!

Hoping to hear from you!


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