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January 25, 2008

HOPE is the key!

Dear Jim: 

On January 24, 2008, the New York Times, A-16, mentions that  “voters are showing a darker side than eight years ago.  One individual, Susan Powell, a 47 year-old training consultant who lives in a Kansas City suburb, said that what she feels is not so much hopelessness as doom.” 

Even though my reaction to the current events is not despair, one can only wonder just how many folks are reacting in similar ways.  What impact is their fear, uncertaintly and doubt having on the youngest and most vulnerable – the children? One thing can be sure, optimism will not be riding high.  Yet, it needs to be. Certainly, we do not live in the worst of times.  And, even with the real difficulties we face, we have the capabilities to capitalize on the obstacles, making lemonade from lemons. A hope-filled approach will help!

This Broadcast is about HOPE. Without HOPE, life quickly becomes pretty miserable.  So, for the foreseeable future, messages coming from the Bracher Center – will focus on HOPE and its importance for everyone.

HOPE is the key to success for learning, leadership and leveraging life’s opportunities to the fullest. HOPE needs to come early and often and can transform anxious, uncertain and insecure individuals, young or old, into mission-driven and motivated powerhouses.  HOPE is the by-product of time graciously invested in listening, supporting and encouraging those on whom we depend to pass along constructive and productive cultural values. Leaders know that spreading HOPE is essential – personally and professionally.

HOPE reminds individuals of all ages that Hard-work Overcomes Powerful Entrance-blockers!

HOPE confirms that mentors Help Orchestrates Purposeful Energy.

HOPE, provided by gracious mentors, facilitates Heroic Optimization Propelling Effectiveness.

HOPE inspires Honesty, Operational-transparency, Professionalism and Enthusiasm.

Mentors teach, coach and inspire – HOPE.  The 2008 Election Year provides a time to choose a new President – who can bring cultural renewal with legitimate hope!

Question from Jim Bracher's Integrity Matters newspaper column on January 23, 2008:

"My current outlook is somber: $4 per gallon for gasoline, costly and cumbersome health care and poisoned political environments across the nation, matched by self-serving corporate vultures, plundering revenues for themselves.

Do you see any hope on the horizon?"

Response: Yes, and the hope starts at the top. Presidential elections in the United States of America provide an opportunity, every four years, to openly ask leaders to resurrect hope. The 2008 campaign should not become another tedious and repetitive joke perpetrated on a naïve public.

Market-tested clichés need to be replaced by a refreshing openness that transforms standard political rhetoric into . . .

To underscore HOPE, remember, in November 2008, the 44th president must:

  • See the positive possibilities of what can be.
  • Clarify obstacles, honestly.
  • Articulate the dream, concretely.
  • Communicate a credible strategy.
  • Convince an eager nation to say, "We can do it."
  • Operate above partisan divisiveness.
  • Fuel the drive for learning, quality and service.

Our children and grandchildren, along with citizens around the world, are looking to us - the voters in the United States - to select the right President of the United States, the person who graciously embodies integrity, expressing that value with legitimate, responsible and inspirational - hope. Democracy depends upon an involved electorate, so please vote!

Optimism, which encourages success, comes to those who know who they are and the value of what they have to offer. Successful individuals and organizations understand their brand – leveraging its power, clearly and consistently.  Powerful and profitable behaviors that create success include intensity, sensitivity and follow-through. Over and over, brand clarity trumps economic challenges.

This link makes the case that Clear brand beats hard times

Success is about hope, along side reality, preparedness, brand clarity and perseverance.  Pass it on.


Jim Bracher
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