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December 17, 2007

Appreciating integrity and finding career fulfillment! 

Dear friends:

Over the past twenty-seven years in the founding and expansion of our executive leadership development business, we have consistently repeated three terms: understand, appreciate and accommodate. Effective individuals work to understand themselves and others, appreciate similarities and differences and accommodate the needs of those with whom they associate, personally and professionally. 

Certain behaviors build and sustain effective partnerships, including those in organizations, partnerships, social relationships and in marriages. Dimension Five Consultants, Inc. and the Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership promote these "socially-effective" behaviors; facilitating communication and strengthening trust while sustaining productivity. It was upon this foundation of interpersonal respect that my partner, Jane Bracher, and I built a consulting practice and network of colleagues, friends and fans. 

On Wednesday, December 5, 2007, a few friends gathered at my new office at California State University Monterey Bay - CSUMB, to wish Jane the best in her relocation of Dimension Five from Monterey, California to nearby Carmel – as she attempts to slow down, at least a little bit.

My December 5 Integrity Matters weekly newspaper column, emphasized just how much Jane Bracher’s guidance and energy propelled the success of Dimension Five and the Bracher Center, while simultaneously thanking her for her work.  The editors of The Salinas Californian newspaper chose this appropriate title – clearly communicating just how much her work has meant and continues to mean:

Jane Bracher wind below firm's wings

Jane Bracher has built and strengthened a consulting business by leveraging her own intensity, sensitivity and follow-through, alongside her integrity, quality, perseverance, loyalty and professionalism. The recipient of our firm’s recognition, we have only two words to communicate sincere appreciation:  Thank You!

Below are two photographs from the event – one with Jane receiving the Clyde W. Klaumann Award – about integrity in leadership and excellence in client services - and the other a Proclamation from the California State Assembly, signed by 28th District Assembly Member, Anna M. Caballero – highlighting Jane’s qualities in building an effective leadership consulting business!  Representing our friend, Anna, who was in Sacramento, California, in session, at the December 5 surprise event was Ms. Aline L. Sánchez, District Director, who delivered Assembly Member Caballero’s best wishes to Jane.

Jane Bracher and Aline Sánchez

Jane Bracher receiving the
Clyde W. Klaumann Award

Again, thank you, Jane, for being a valuable partner, friend, wife and mentor. However, even in "re-tiring" - both Jane and I will continue providing leadership services – whether for a fee or for free.  We are now working, almost as hard as ever, assisting younger people with planning integrity-centered careers, by leveraging the "Eight Attributes" of an integrity-centered organization for productivity and success – involving leaders who will be offering their insights to students. And, to bring home the point of integrity, with a further explanation of my emerging role at the Foundation at California State University Monterey Bay - CSUMB, please read the following two Integrity Matters newspaper columns:   

Topic 1: Integrity

published in Jim Bracher's Integrity Matters newspaper column on December 12, 2007.

On Dec. 5, the Division I men's basketball team from California State University, Fresno, was within seconds of being upset by Division II's California State University, Monterey Bay, but managed to prevail.  What makes this so interesting is that CSUMB, a small university, even with the loss, communicated that integrity matters.
Intercollegiate sports should teach sportsmanship, encourage physical fitness and build school pride. Click here for the rest of the story:  CSUMB cagers show integrity

Because wholesome living is more than winning at all costs, let's showcase those exhibiting integrity-centered behaviors everywhere!  

Topic 2: Career Fulfillment

How does one go about finding an emotionally-satisfying job? 
(to be published on December 19, 2007)

Usually, Integrity Matters columns are written for a general readership; however, this column is directed to young people looking for the right place to work.  And, what makes this column so special relates to my emerging role as the newly-appointed Director, Executives-in-Residence, at California State University, CSUMB, Seaside, California.  Among other executive-effectiveness activities, my accountabilities include career-path and leadership counsel.

Here are five “gotta’ haves” for serious job seekers.  These predictors are powerful because they come from those who hire people and survive and prospered because they hire wisely.  Review these five essentials and where prudent, “beef-up” vulnerabilities.

  1. Enthusiasm is genuine commitment and zeal for the tasks that are integral to the job being sought.  Talking about passion is fine, but avoid the term as the catch-all cliché for personal interests and trivial activities. Invoking “passion” for cheering a favorite team, simply because it evokes emotion, cheapens the true value of loyalty and dedication. Prospective employers want and need a candidate’s genuine and informed exuberance, the genuine enthusiasm which is essential for selling, teaching, negotiating or whatever captures someone’s spiritual core.  Since you can’t fake legitimate fervor, don’t try.
  2. Determination is an uncompromising approach to achievement – reflected in how one thinks, writes, speaks, dresses, prepares a resume or accommodates the schedules of others.  Confidence is never bluster or arrogance; but instead reflects unrelenting courage along side a willingness to “do what it takes” to get and keep the job – obviously and clearly never at the expense of core values or laws.
  3. Joy is the pleasure and happiness of those who believe they get back more than they give, personally and professionally, most of the time.  Individuals, with real joy, seldom discuss the costs of their work-activities, in either time or energy.  Successful people seek neither recognition nor reward, but are driven by an internal gauge that registers high marks for doing what they genuinely like to do. Joy shows in one’s eyes and comes from the heart.
  4. Self-discipline is an inner voice that knows the difference between satisfaction and satiation, between doing well-enough versus creating excellence.  Integrity is no where more evident than when the time, space and culture - of others - are consistently and seamlessly accommodated, with elegance and grace.
  5. Faith is the calm-confidence that circumstances, regardless of complications, will work in ways that are positive, purposeful, productive and profitable. Bottom-line, you “gotta” be optimistic – with a “can-do” attitude.

How many of the “gotta’ haves” do you have?  Which ones need strengthening?  Emotionally-satisfying jobs are for those who consistently exhibit the “gotta haves.” 

Remember: integrity remains the unnamed winning ingredient!

Sound principles can prevail – as young people launch careers and when veterans slow down.  Integrity separates the “wanna be’s” from the “genuine article” – one appropriate action at a time. 

Jim Bracher 

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And you will also find me at this location, most days:

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