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December 18, 2005

Restore integrity through insight and action

Dear Friends:

The end of one year and the beginning of another provide an occasion to reflect on what was, what might have been and what can be. Recalling what was leads some people to offer thanksgiving for all of the good things that happened, sometimes with relief that certain events were not any worse than they were. And, there can be remorse for not having completed projects, fulfilled promises or achieved potential - regarding what might have been. Finally, there is optimism, anticipation and commitment for what can be with additional discipline, sacrifice, effort and opportunity. The future is about hope.

Would Santa Claus say you were naughty or nice? And, if Christmas is not a holiday for you, then what would be your "guesstimate" of what others would say about your actions, both personal and professional, during the past year? Did you do your best to do your duty for those for whom you are responsible? Were you thoughtful and caring?

Christmas is our tradition and we wish for you and yours the happiest of times, filled with renewal and celebration. Whatever your social and cultural history - please accept our best wishes for a meaningful holiday season and a Happy New Year.

Over the past several weeks, five Integrity Matters columns speak to what was, what might have been and what can be. Read, absorb and build an even stronger future with the application of our EightAttributes© of Integrity.

Please help us to expand the  integrity conversation - globally - by defining and communicating legitimate success, social responsibility, individual accountability, cultural sensitivity and economic propriety.

  1. INTEGRITY: KEY TO SUCCESS? Loss of integrity begins with just a single step
  2. INTEGRITY: POLITICALLY CORRECT? Integrity takes on a spiritual value
  3. INTEGRITY: CONSTANT AWARENESS? Your bumper sticker says a lot about you
  4. INTEGRITY: OBJECTIVE OBSERVATION? World's complexities require careful thought
  5. INTEGRITY: MUTUAL OBLIGATIONS? Oil firms face questions for high gas prices

It is always about the children, and the grandchildren of our grandchildren. Another illustration about passing along constructive leadership was my October 24 presentation of integrity-centered values for parents at St. Andrew's School in Saratoga, California, whose headmaster, Harry McKay, is pictured with me below:

Harry V. McKay, Jr. and James F. Bracher

Parenting with Integrity:
Teaching Integrity-Centered Leadership to Children by Modeling Integrity-Centered Behaviors

The vision of the Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership remains the same: restore integrity through insight. And this means to educate, nurture and support "a world in which people do what they say, are forthright in their communications, and a handshake solidifies any promise."

From our home to your home and our business to yours - we wish you, individually and organizationally, all the best for 2006 and beyond.

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