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May 3, 2004

Attribute #5 - PARTNERSHIP: honor obligations.
Does your company pride itself on timely fulfillment of all commitments?

*from Bracher Center's Eight Attributes for Building an Integrity-Centered Company by James F. Bracher © April 2, 2004; Integrity Matters, Bracher and Halloran, pp. 32-33; Torchlight, 2004

Dear Friends,

Twenty-five years ago one of my mentors advised me that everyone we meet, for better and for worse, is a BIM. A B.I.M. was his personal shorthand for the need to clearly appreciate the potential for positive and purposeful support from each and every human encounter. Those with whom we come in contact can choose to Buy what we are selling. Others might simply want to Invest in what we are developing. And some sampling of those we get to know could elect to Market that which is being created.

So, yes, my perceptive counselor was correct in saying that everyone has the potential to Buy, Invest and/or Market – whatever it is that we are offering or might someday have to offer. Therefore, it stands to reason that sustaining legitimate relationships was and will always be – very important. Each BIM is, in one sense or another, a “partner” and should be treated accordingly in terms of respect and appreciation.

Too often “wanna be” leaders forget that career paths are intimately linked to all of the “partnerships” that surround them every step up the ladder of success. How they treat those with whom they associate – on and off the job – can impact upward mobility. Insensitive, dishonest, vicious, rude and abrasive behaviors speak volumes about the many ways that “leadership pretenders” under-value people. An illustration of what can and should be done in proper business transactions was presented in our Integrity Matters newspaper column, published on January 15, 2003, and which we used with effect in our newly-released book, Integrity Matters. In this instance, a service supplier was being shown disrespect by his customers.

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More recently, another service supplier wrote to us after he felt the sting of cruelty by an insensitive client. Integrity Matters, again, addressed the issue of never ignoring the cold hard truth that every encounter is a confirmation of the relevance of the BIM approach to life.

Yes, it is important to recognize that we are all partners and as a consequence, we must treat everyone with respect – not simply because it is the right thing to do, but also because it is good business and it is good citizenship.

Here is a more recent Integrity Matters column illustrating our emphasis on partnership and interpersonal integrity.

Let both sides beware (Practice your professionalism)

Next month, our June Broadcast will address the 6th Attribute of an Integrity-Centered Organization: Performance. What do leaders need to be doing in order to be prepared for the effective transfer of power and impact, as in succession? Successful succession is seldom an accident.

In the meantime, listen to those about you – and remember that wisdom is everywhere, available – however - only when we listen.


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