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February 10, 2004

Attribute #2 - HONESTY: truthful communication

Dear Friends,

Motivating the police force, by strengthening morale, is a never-ending challenge. Just a few weeks ago, in Salinas, California, when police officers learned that they had been slightly overpaid for 36 months, averaging approximately $3 per day, the total amount was $327,000. Ignoring hardships they might face, the impacted officers, in conjunction with their Police Officers Association, stepped up to the challenge and are willingly paying the monies back to the city.

Our weekly newspaper column, Integrity Matters, asked for feedback on ways to encourage these officers in the face of the clerical error. A front-page story in the Salinas Californian followed the next day and a week later, with input from city leaders, suggestions were offered that might bring integrity-centered leadership behaviors into the ways we live and enhance the communities in which we reside. Please read, in sequence, the column, the story and the follow-up column - available on the following:

Integrity-Centered Leadership is important everywhere and each individual can reach out to bring encouragement and reassurance to others. Stated differently, we can make integrity (an intellectual concept) into a way of living. What you say and do can change the way individuals and institutions behave, because Integrity Matters.

When you run into a situation like the one we discovered in Salinas, California, please let us know, and perhaps we can find ways to apply and leverage our Eight Attributes of an Integrity-Centered Organization. Our Eight Attributes are having a positive impact in Salinas and might make a difference where you are as well.

Let us know


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