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People Love Leaders. People Respect Managers. People Reject Pretenders.
A Leader Creates. A Manager Interprets. A Pretender Copies.
A Leader Gives Credit. A Manager Gives Clarification. A Pretender Gives Blame.
A Leader Incites Motivation. A Manager Incites Desire. A Pretender Incites Fear.
A Leader Values Relationships. A Manager Values People. A Pretender Values Procedures.
A Leader Expects Innovation. A Manager Expects Quality. A Pretender Expects Conformity.
A Leader Prefers Judgement. A Manager Prefers Decision-Making. A Pretender Prefers Rules.
A Leader Expands Liberty. A Manager Expands Courage. A Pretender Expands Power.
A Leader Employs Talent. A Manager Employs Individuals. A Pretender Employs Objects.
A Leader Welcomes Criticism. A Manager Welcomes Feedback. A Pretender Welcomes Praise.
A Leader Promotes Others. A Manager Promotes The Team. A Pretender Promotes Self.
A Leader Makes Mistakes. A Manager Makes Adjustments. A Pretender Makes Excuses.
A Leader Sees Opportunities. A Manager Solves Problems. A Pretender Sees Problems.
A Leader Self-Corrects. A Manager Improves The Organization. A Pretender Corrects Others.
A Leader Acquires Wisdom. A Manager Acquires Intelligence. A Pretender Acquires Knowledge.
A Leader Develops Culture. A Manager Develops Pride. A Pretender Develops Ego.
A Leader Wants Responsibility. A Manager Wants Accountability. A Pretender Wants Rights.
A Leader Seeks A Mission. A Manager Seeks A Job. A Pretender Seeks A Position.
A Leader Sees Through Mirrors. A Manager Holds Up The Mirror. A Pretender Sees Own Image.
A Leader Has Faults. A Manager Seeks To Grow. A Pretender Is Perfect.
You Make Yourself A Leader. Managers Assume Responsibility. Pretenders Abdicate.
Leading Is Demanding. Managing Is Challenging.
Pretending Is Easy.
Leaders Are Trusted. Managers Are Valued. Pretenders Are Tolerated.

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