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Successful individuals in multicultural organizations know the right way to do the right things, repeatedly.

When organizational beliefs are clear and operating behaviors are consistent, then productivity-enhancing alignment is the by-product. Organizational, operational and cultural alignment enables all members of the team to improve longer-term effectiveness along with immediate impact. Insight, awareness and discipline lead to success.

One Day audit, a pre-consultation process, will:

  1. Clarify and confirm the value and impact of beliefs, behaviors and alignment engaging the organization's leadership while solidifying commitment to multicultural awareness and integration.
  2. Introduce a customized and repeatable productivity-enhancing process. Success requires being responsive to distinct organizational requirements.

Two-day follow-up leadership team "consultation process" is titled LEVERAGING BELIEFS AND BEHAVIORS FOR ALIGNMENT AND SUCCESS.** This productivity-enhancing process provides three launch steps for enhanced productivity growth and profitability along with improved leadership communication and cultural integration. This interactive and industry-specific program leads to enhanced success by assisting individuals and organizations who choose to:

  1. Define beliefs** through value and priority clarification.
    1. East and West operating principles
    2. Application and relevance
    3. Bridging and integration
    4. Accepting the "path forward" - buy-in**
  2. Demonstrate behavior** consistency.
    1. Clarify and pinpoint acceptable ways to operate
    2. Monitor and modify to reach consistency, through every transaction
    3. Recognize and reward (appreciate) cultural congruence
    4. Expand circle of involvement to include all stakeholders**
  3. Establish a "rain-proof" alignment** environment to withstand demoralizing and destructive "third-party" critique**
    1. Courageous operational leadership that supports the change
    2. Committed management that develops and sustains a "safe zone" for participants to learn and refine alignment behaviors
    3. Consistent patterns of leadership, reflecting "buy-in" at the top and illustrating that effective leaders are clear, courageous and willing to follow through**

**Quarterly reviews, one day each, with participating stakeholder groups will enable senior management to assess and interpret progress while leveraging clearly aligned multicultural energies for sustained success.

When individuals:
Understand the required skill sets to make their team productive,
Are valued by and bring value to the organization,
Are committed to the vision, mission and strategy, and
Are signed-on to the organization's supported behavior and culture,
then no issue can polarize the group or create destructive behaviors.

*Developed by James F. Bracher, November 18, 1994

Those who invest in the LEVERAGING BELIEFS AND BEHAVIORS FOR ALIGNMENT AND SUCCESS "consultation process" demand and receive:

  1. enhanced productivity growth and profitability, exceeding current levels, that come faster and easier and are sustainable;
  2. improved leadership communication and cultural integration, speeding understanding and driving both individuals and the organization toward continuously higher levels of performance, including both morale and bottom line.