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Talent Identification
From an interview with Dr. Henry Kressel of Warburg-Pincus

  1. Do they have the respect of his/her peers?

  2. Do they have a track record of success and can it be said that things have worked   
              out well where they have been involved?

  3. Are they open-minded and receptive to input?

  4. Are they agents of innovation?

  5. Do they have integrity—that is, do they do what they say they will do, and tell the
              truth about what has happened?

  6. Do they have sufficient intellect to synthesize? (this is critical)

  7. Do they have “maze brightness;” that is, are they able to remain calm under stress,     
              analyze the variables, visualize their reality,  and make prudent judgments on how
              best to proceed?

  8. Do they know when and where to get the resources they don’t have?

  9. Are they willing to make a decision?

  10. Do they have a pattern of hiring and motivating good people, and inspiring loyalty?


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