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What People are Saying about Integrity Matters

“As marketing consultants, it is part of our job to study business trends. In the past, Customer Satisfaction became the mantra of most businesses. The trend was to measure the level of satisfaction by interviewing customers, changing business practices to help satisfy customer needs, and importantly, to advertise that you were exceeding these customer needs. Unfortunately, this issue appears to have lost its popularity with business leaders in recent years. We would imagine that far too many of them became more focused on making money than on pleasing customers.

On the other hand, today, as a consequence of the plethora of business scandals, there seems to be a great deal of concern about corporate governance. Therefore, you may have discovered the next big issue or trend. Your book, Integrity Matters, clearly shows a need both for businesses and governments to measure how stakeholders view an organization’s “integrity driven” practices and what that means for our future well being. Our society in the early 21st century needs people and guidance that is “on the side of right.” We need to restore the sense of trust in our business and government leaders that we once had.

I think I will give a copy of your book to all our existing and future clients. The leaders of business and government must pay attention to your story—Integrity Matters.”
--ALVIN ACHENBAUM, Chairman; PETER B. BOGDA, President, Achenbaum Bogda Associates, New York City, New York

“Integrity must not only be perceived, but truly be integrated into business and personal decisions each moment. Integrity Matters is a well written treatise on how integrity must be the basis for decision making. Business leaders would do well to integrate the lessons of the book, and infuse the recommendations throughout their respective enterprises. Well written and easy to understand, this book should be read and acted upon by everyone in an organization.”
--NANCY ALBERTINI, Managing Partner, Inveraray Partners LLC, Dallas, Texas

"Employers, employees, parents, children, leaders of all kinds and of all ages should read this book. It is a no frills, no nonsense, primer on what may well be the next real revolution in business, government and society in general. Real time examples show that Ethical values and Behavior creates the differentiation between great and average. The great institutions and leaders of the future with have Ethics as their hallmark.”
--JAMES H. AUSTGEN, retired senior executive, Lake Barrington, Illinois

“Not since the Great Depression have so many people lost faith in the basic honesty of business leadership in America. Many have turned to the government for legislative solutions only to realize that what these regulations accomplish far less than they promise. What is plainly needed is a roadmap for returning core personal values to business leadership. Bracher and Halloran's Integrity Matters offers an impressive and practical prescription for better leadership and, in the long run, a better society.”
--E. WILLIAM BARNETT, Managing Partner (retired), Baker Botts LLP, Houston, Texas

“The business world is enduring a crisis of values and integrity. Jim Bracher has great experience in integrity based leadership and this work is a very valuable and inspirational guide to all of us. My experience is that Integrity based companies gain the trust of their constituents, unleash the power of the human spirit, and prosper at the highest levels. This book is a catalyst for American Business to assess their ethical practices. This process will confirm high standards or cause necessary action to transform companies to high integrity and superior profits.”
--PAUL BASZUCKI, Chairman, Norstan Inc., Minnetonka, Minnesota

“I have used your integrity-centered approach with positive, bottom-line results in my interactions with both my clients and my employees. I am thrilled you’ve published a relevant, tangible reference which I will return to again and again.”
--GARM BEALL, Webspace Designs, Woodland Hills, California

"Integrity Matters. You better believe it and this book will help it matter in your life."
--KEN BLANCHARD, co-author The One-Minute Manager and The On-Time, On-Target Manager, The Ken Blanchard Companies, Escondido, California

“Your prosperity in life is dependent upon your integrity. Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran have some exceptional insights into the importance of integrity in one’s life, both personally and professionally.”
--PETER BURWASH, Founder, Peter Burwash International, The Woodlands, Texas

“James Bracher and Daniel Halloran make a most compelling presentation that to restore trust in the free market system, eight very important attributes are needed. The attributes are clearly defined and set forth that 1) trust is necessary for markets to work, and 2) people must embrace time-honored values. There is a real sense of urgency in the message contained within this book, and it behooves everyone who is concerned about the future of the free marketplace to read, study, and think about the future of business.”
--C. JAMES CARR, President and Chief Executive Officer, Produce Reporter Co., Blue Book Services, Carol Stream, Illinois

“As an Entrepreneur I’ve invested capital, time and credibility in over 10 companies during the past 20 years. The difference between success and failure in these new businesses is Leadership and Integrity. Integrity Matters showcases these attributes for success in Business, Family and Community. Company Management needs to read this book and understand that Integrity does matter.”
--KENNETH J. CAVALLARO, President, Riverview Partners, Inc., West Newbury, Massachusetts

“No issue demands more business attention today than management integrity, and no one better covers society's concerns than Bracher and Halloran, and no book better captures such necessary, realistic and sustaining responses to this issue than Integrity Matters."
--ROBERT W. COON, Vice President, Menlo Worldwide LLC, Menlo Park, California

“Integrity Matters couldn't have come at a better time. As a man on the brink of graduating from college I begin to realize the importance of integrity and the people who hold this characteristic to the highest regard. It is these people who I have found to be diamonds in the rough.
Throughout the book the authors treat integrity with the sensitivity it deserves. In Chapter 2 when they make the case of our leaders lacking integrity, they do so by giving the reader a list of questions that he would want our leaders to ask themselves. The twist is the questions are also ones we should be asking ourselves. It leaves us wondering that if we can't answer questions of integrity ourselves then who are we to hold others to a higher standard. My generation needs a book like this. Integrity Matters should matter to all of us.”
--JOZEN CUMMINGS, student, Howard University, Class of May, 2004, Washington, D.C.

“Integrity Matters contains an important lesson that all parents teach to their children: be dependable and honest and you will earn independence, respect and responsibility. Paradoxically, while continuing to teach this lesson we have been less than conscientious in following this advice in our personal and professional lives. Hopefully, a wide reading of this fine book will help us re-focus on and re-commit to integrity-centered behavior; we’ll be a healthier, stronger and more productive culture if we do.”
--STEPHEN M. DART, Pebble Beach, California

"This is must reading for all Americans, but especially for those in a leadership role. Freedom requires being responsible for our behavior, which must be based upon a system of moral and ethical values. This book provides valuable insights into how we can improve the leadership qualities so necessary in our complex, industrial society."
--JOHN H. DAVIS, Pebble Beach, California

"Congratulations to Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran on an inspirational statement of the keys to sustainable human interaction! They have formulated a path to a future environment in which business can thrive and grow and individuals can enjoy enhanced quality of interpersonal life! As our society becomes increasingly global and impersonal, and as our everyday communities and villages grow vast, the need to verbalize and reconfirm integrity grows proportionally. Jim is a genius at getting to the sweet spot of 'what is integrity' and in helping us all verbalize and reconfirm. I heartily recommend that every responsible participant in our society dip into his wisdom!"
--MARTHA G. DENNIS, Ph.D., Windward Ventures, San Diego, California

Integrity Matters by Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran creates valuable insights on the important things in life: honesty,integrity, and teaching others. Their intuitive sense and experience provide a roadmap into the appreciation of values given by others. Integrity Matters fosters and renews the landscape around the integrity of leadership."
– RICHARD J. DIVELBISS, President, Pizza Hut of Southern Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

"Everyone will agree Integrity Matters is a timely work considering the current state of trust and confidence some of our leaders inspire.

A better thought is that had our leaders been following the principles of Integrity Matters all along, we would be much better off than we are today.

The 8 attributes discussed in this book, which Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran created, are timeless, but today, perhaps more than in any time in our lives, the world needs to listen and focus on what is most important in rebuilding trust.

As a friend, associate, and client of Jim Bracher for almost 20 years, I can attest to his uncanny ability to see through the haze and identify the issues. I have seen him deliver highly critical, deeply personal assessments with graciousness and sincerity. It never once failed to be accepted as truth, without hesitation or defensiveness from the listener. Fortunately for you, Jim has carried those same insights and delivery skills into this very readable book.”
--LACY H. EDWARDS, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Evoke Software, New York, New York

“With wit, common sense and a no-nonsense approach, Bracher and Halloran’s work in Integrity Matters offers guideposts on the road back to decency.”
–SCOTT FAUST, Executive Editor, The Salinas Californian, Salinas, California

"As we see so much turmoil surrounding so many of our institutions, it is increasingly important that we address the values which are the basis of the cultures underlying our organizations. In an easily readable "letters to Jim" and case study format Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran effectively address 8 attributes for an integrity centered culture. For the reader who is truly interested in building or rebuilding a values-based, enduring, and competitively differentiated culture Integrity Matters is a must read."
--GEORGE FISHER, Phoenix, Arizona

“Integrity Matters is a unique effort from two well-qualified men. Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran have produced a work illustrated not by stories of giant companies, but by the questions, views and testimonies of EveryOne. People have asked questions and told stories that Jim and Dan use to give substance to their 8 Attributes. This book is a powerful call for the return to values such as trust, honesty, graciousness and partnership. While it is inspirational it is also practical. The How to Do It is answered time after time with examples and cases on point. This is a must read for those who would lead America into the new millennium.”
--JAC FITZ-ENZ, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Human Capital Source, and Founder, Saratoga Institute, San Jose, California

“Thank you for submitting your manuscript to me. The form is excellent. It was an easy study. I delighted in seeing the substance that you and your associate have been able to synthesize and to organize in a fashion that appears to be both inspiring and, of course, very informative. Congratulations on the achievement of this excellent text. I'm sure that when you put it in its final printed form, it will be appealing to a large audience.”
--ROBERT W. GALVIN, Chairman Emeritus, Motorola, Inc., Schaumburg, Illinois

"Wouldn't it be great if every member of society employed the eight attributes outlined by Jim and Dan? While some might think that a Pollyannaish view, I believe that we possess those attributes, but constant practice and reinforcement are necessary for them to shine through in both our professional and personal lives. Integrity Matters offers exactly that kind of needed provocation."
--ANTON H. "TONY" GEORGE, President & Chief Executive Officer, Indianapolis Motor Speedway LLC, Indy Racing League LLC, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Integrity Matters, by Bracher and Halloran, sets forth a model of integrity-centered leadership which is key to reversing the decline in our values in our society. It is very readable and written in a style that communicates practical solutions for everyday situations that underlie the recent decline in values. Overall, the book is a roadmap for managers at all levels to build a solid ethical foundation for their business, which will enable companies to regain the trust of their stakeholders.”
--DAVID A. HANDORF, San Jose, California

"My "macro" reaction - a fascinating insight to the world of integrity. Integrity not as a theory but as a way of life. And I would add a bit of a humorous comment: Mirror, mirror on the wall, watch our integrity and don't let it fall"
--EHUD HAR-CHEN, executive, electronics company, Tel Aviv, Israel

“Integrity Matters by Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran is just what America needs right now --- a refresher course in basic values. While most of us recognize the value of integrity, we frequently ignore it, at a tremendous cost to our society, our businesses, our family life, even our spiritual life. Find out why it pays to put integrity back into your life. Read Integrity Matters to get back where we belong.
– ROGER HARNED, Ph.D., interior design & international publications, Carmel, California

"This book will help you relate to your own value system and to how values drive integrity."
--GLEN H. HINER, Pebble Beach, California

“This is a topic that needs to be inculatedin every institution in the US. The lack of integrity seems to have infected every type of institution and almost all of them first respond in a self defense mode.”
--DONALD E. HOLT, Jensen Beach, California

“Integrity Matters, by Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran, must be studied by those who care about the future of our society. Jim has been able to caputure his 25 years of teaching, coaching, consulting and befriending business and governement leaders in management and leadership techiniques founded in a solid ethical basis. If Jim Bracher's prinicples had been followed , Enron, Tyco and the World Coms would never have happened. This book should be on every CEO's office table with well worn pages. Jim and Dan have made this subject come alive for us. We should be thankful that they have taken the time to put this insightful, powerful and practical philosophy into this must-read book. Buy and read this book, make your friends read this book, and learn why we are in trouble and how we can get out of it.”
--COL. (retired) DAVID W. HUNT, D.A.R. Inc., Global Security Consultants, Scarborough, Maine

“I have managed businesses, large and small, for over thirty years on both coasts of the United States, on both sides of the Pacific as well as in its middle. In all environments, in all cultures, in all situations, I have found that leadership based solidly on ethical values is indeed the most productive and effective form of leadership. For many of these thirty plus years I have been a client of James Bracher and on a great many occasions, as a result of his insight and counseling, have been able to lead others as well as myself through difficult situations, lead through difficult situations as an integrity centered leader. Integrity Matters is not optional, but is mandatory reading for leaders of the 21st Century.”
--WILLIAM L. HURLEY, Managing Director, Sheraton Resorts Phoenix Seagaia, Miyazaki, Japan

“Integrity Matters provides clear and insightful guidance on the most crucial issues now facing those institutions upon which our nation depends.”
--ANTHONY T. KARACHALE, Attorney, Monterey, California

“I have had a chance to read the manuscript of your upcoming book, Integrity Matters. I must admit, before I began to read the first page, I believed my experience and background gave me a "Virtual PH.D." in ethics and the book would be a mere conformation of my existing thinking. As I know you wiry expected that was not to be. You and Dan have hit upon a way to bring real life business dilemmas into a crystal clear focus in a manner that raises the quality of thinking about ethical choices in business. In reality, my virtual degree may have been at the Associates level!

In fact, the book will be of great interest to both future leaders of business as they form their value system, as well as people in all aspects of our society as they make choices about right and wrong in their daily encounters. I hope and expect it would be a 'keystone' for many.

Please accept my congratulations on advancing the thinking about this very interesting, important and timely subject.”
--ROBERT M. KAVNER, former Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, AT&T, Carmel, California

“Good subject matter. We are in need of reminders of ethical behavior in all forms of organizations and individuals, be they business, religious, charitable, political or volunteering. I like the format of prior write-in situations, it makes it applicable and interesting.”
– RICHARD J. KINZIG, Vice-President of Finance (retired), Palatine, Illinois

"Integrity Matters hits the proverbial nail on the head. As one who has had 60 years of leadership responsibility, I commend the application of the eight integrity-centered attributes of Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran. Their book is refreshing and very much needed in these scandal-filled times. The book is concise, helpful and deserving of study and action. Students, a description for all individuals who continue life-long learning, ought to turn to Integrity Matters as a beacon of light in the darkness of ethical uncertainty."
--DONALD C. KLECKNER, Ph.D., Redlands, California, former President, Elmhurst College, and, former President, Chapman University.

“In Integrity Matters, Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran show us with clear eyes, compassion, and tough-mindedness that earning trust is a matter of the little things we do day-in and day-out in response to those real-life critical incidents we all confront in our work lives. They offer practical, sound, and evidence-based advice that, when put to use, will help all of us restore and sustain personal credibility. Written in the style of a good friend, Integrity Matters is like having a wise counselor at your finger tips. I thoroughly enjoyed the compelling stories and the straight-forward advice. Move over Ann Landers; Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran pull no punches. They are here to tell us what it¹s really like to lead with integrity on the front lines and in the executive suites of today¹s complex organizations.”
--JAMES M. KOUZES, co-author, The Leadership Challenge and Encouraging the Heart, and Chairman Emeritus, Tom Peters Company, San Jose, California

“At a time when America's enduring values are eroding and fading in the darkness, Bracher and Halloran provide a powerful beacon that illuminates and focuses on the fundamental principles that are essential in re- ignighting trust and confidence in our political, economic and societal systems. They have delivered a blueprint and a challenge to American leaders in all walks of life to step up and make a difference."
– CASEY KOZIOL, Scottsdale, Arizona

"Bracher and Halloran in Integrity Matters make the point that , in the end, integrity pays. Ultimately lack of integrity is revealed and the damage, often to the innocent, is destructive. Integrity is the cement holding together the building blocks of our society and its economy. In Integrity Matters the authors make the practical case for resetting standards , thereby countering the sorry headlines of recent years."
--PETER LARR, Rye, New York

“The old saying “you can’t be a little pregnant” applies to how you act, write, speak, 24/7. 80% adherence to integrity just won’t cut it. Integrity Matters goes to the core of our need for trust from our leaders and our institutions. The message needs to be absorbed into what we expect from ourselves and from others. While the book may seem to be directed to the “business world,” Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran have written a volume that would be valuable early in everyone’s development.
--HERBERT E. LISTER, Pebble Beach, California

“Read Integrity Matters now! If you are sickened by the litany of self-dealing and dishonesty that seems to permeate the business pages, the government and even your interpersonal and professional relationships, Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran have good news for you. There is real hope for those who seek honesty, ethics and just plain decency in the world. Drawing from their own experience, their work at the Bracher Center For Integrity in Leadership, and from the experiences their newspaper readers share, Bracher and Halloran argue persuasively that integrity is the guide we seek to lead us out of the moral cesspool in which we are floundering. In a society where political correctness, situational ethics and revisionist value judgements have dismantled most of the normative rules of civil and commercial life, Integrity Matters reminds us that some things are certain. It is certain that we must act with integrity and it is certain that if we do not find the strength to discipline ourselves and our businesses, the government will step in and reduce our liberty. This book should serve as a wake up call to those who would preserve our personal and commercial freedoms.”
– MARK W. LORIMER, President, Lorimer Associates, former President & Chief Executive Officer Autobytel, Inc., former partner, Dewey Ballantine LLC, San Clemente, California

"Integrity Matters is a clarion call to arms in the face of a society which is loath to focus on individual responsibility even as it strives to construct elaborate codes of conduct. In its parables, wit and plain language it offers an antidote to many of the ills which currently face us, individually, nationally and internationally."
--CHARLES E. H. LUEDDE, Attorney, St. Louis, Missouri

"Integrity really matters, say Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran, and then they back that up with analysis, illustration, and common sense advice which are born of decades of work with some of this country's finest and most vibrant corporate leaders. The core ideas are simply stated at the very beginning of the work and they all revolve around the basic responsibilities associated with integrity based leadership, independent of the field in which leadership is offered. So, argue the authors, the same issues and principles apply whether the individual is acting as parent, teacher, spiritual advisor, elected official, a popular public figure, and a business manager.
We commonly associate "integrity" with properties such as honesty, soundness, completeness, and incorruptibility. In Integrity Matters, the authors show us how we can act in our everyday occupations and pursuits to emphasize and rebuild our own integrity, while at the same time resist and reverse the all-too-evident decay of these values in many highly visible domains. Through the use of a question-and-answer format which has served as the basis for Mr. Bracher's newspaper columns, the authors take us on a pragmatic excursion touching on elements such as basic communication, consistency of action to intentions, coaching styles, and care for the community.

Integrity Matters reinvigorates my own feeling for the centrality of integrity in virtually all human pursuits, and at the same time lays out a practical and methodical roadmap for rebuilding this most basic of values.”
--DAVID L. LYON, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, Silicon Wave, Inc., San Diego, California

“As a second time CEO working with start-ups this book is exactly what the doctor ordered. Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran have captured and laid out the required ingredients to build, grow and sustain a successful company around the single most important corner stone, Integrity. Jim and Dan deliver clear and crisp examples that assist the reader in building an Integrity based organization.”
--JOHN H. MALLARD, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fyre Storm, Inc., Sunnyvale, California

“Integrity Matters by Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran is the definitive guide to restoring integrity in business and everyday life. Through numerous, real life examples, they show how integrity and honestly, or lack thereof, are implicit in our everyday actions. Numerous questions from readers of Jim Bracher’s newspaper column and web site are answered in the context of the guiding principles. These questions can be tough, and Jim answers them “straight-up”, often asking the reader to make tough choices, balancing integrity with the easy choice of actions. This book is a must read for everyone.”
--STEPHEN J. METZGER, Dallas, Texas

“Integrity Matters brings home the message that every generation is responsible for passing along appropriate values. Individuals can choose to leave a legacy that can make the family, the community and society better because they cared enough to lead by example. The authors have used illustrations that remind us, whether young or not-so-young, that the right path is always the one paved by a verbal handshake and social responsibility. Over and over, Bracher and Halloran offer solutions to important questions as they incorporate straight-forward integrity-centered responses. Integrity Matters is a beacon of light and reassurance in the midst of headline capturing scandals reassuring readers that we can make a difference, one relationship at a time.”
--BASIL E. MILLS, President, Mills Family Farms, and, President, National Steinbeck Center, Salinas, California

“Integrity Matters by Bracher and Halloran treats one of the most vital questions of modern society. It should be mandatory reading for every company executive, every military officer, every college student, every high school student. The title tells it all - integrity really does matter, and needs to take its place again in our lives, in our business and in our politics.”
– COL. (retired) L. E. MINNICH, Lake Wildwood, California

“Ethics and Integrity are keys to doing business today, especially so in light of recent events. Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran bring a wealth of experience to this subject and further, model the values we need in business and in life. This is a “must read” as all of us face navigating an increasingly stressful and ambiguous world.”
--K. RICHARD MORAN, retired senior executive, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

“Integrity Matters provides timely and valuable lessons for all of us. Filled with countless interesting and thought-provoking stories and examples, the highly relevant theme of integrity is dramatically brought home in a most instructive and effective way.”
--PHILIP R. NIENSTEDT, Ph.D., Executive in Residence, Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona

"I am excited about what you two have done, and like the way you have woven the letters and responses in between your narrative. The book is effective in its format and is very readable. it is like sitting and talking with the two of you, which is very good. I cannot judge how an "uniformed" reader would respond, but have to believe it would be positively!"
– E. JOCK OCHILTREE, Managing Partner, Capital Valley Ventures, El Dorado Hills, California

“We live in the strangest economic and social times ever. The world is closer than ever and global communications is practically instantaneous. All of this creates the need for re-examination of our entire value system. I personally found the book, Integrity Matters , refreshing and thought provoking, and on the mark. The question/answer format navigates through a gamut of issues smoothly and keeps the readers interest. I highly recommend the book for all those working in corporate America today.”
--ROBERT “CODY” PLOTT, President & Chief Operating Officer, Pebble Beach Company, Pebble Beach, California

“The ideas, or maybe the ideals, that I read about in Integrity Matters are really no different from the way you would expect to run a business. Hidden forces are always out there, tugging at you to take unfair advantage of situations that you know about, but that others don’t. There is always the challenge to compromise one’s personal integrity.

What Integrity Matters reminds me to do is look into that mirror of life, and ask myself, “Am I doing the honest things in business that I should, when nobody else is looking?”

Even though it’s been said many times over, it’s always good to be sure you’re treating people the way you hope to be treated, at the end of the day, and Integrity Matters reminds me to act upon that rule.”
--WILLIAM RAMSEY, Owner/Partner, Mann Packing Company, Inc., Salinas, California

“Integrity Matters is fantastic. Maybe you should put together a course based on your book to be taught at ASU's Carey Business School and at the University of Notre Dame's Mendoza School of Business. This material should be taught in every college business curriculum.”
--KARL J. REICHARDT, R & K Associates, Tempe, Arizona

"The thoughtful discourse in Integrity Matters, by Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran, on the many facets of institutional and personal integrity makes one acutely aware of the importance of integrity - at every level - to the long term viability and profitability of a corporation."
– TONI REMBE, Attorney, San Francisco, California

“Integrity Matters is an incredibly ambitious and bold book. Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran have offered a proposal for dealing with the moral decline in this country – which has afflicted all of us – including institutions such as government, church and business.

They have identified the cause as a decline in integrity. This book dissects integrity into eight component parts or attributes. Integrity Matters is the end product of and based upon their twenty-four years of identifying and training leadership qualities. The attributes are described in detail and if they become a part of our personal lives will restore integrity which they believe is the bedrock of our political and economic lives.

They start with the individual – each of us has a responsibility to restore integrity in our own lives. And they offer valuable suggestions as to how to accomplish this. Integrity grows from those initial – individual efforts.

In Shakespeare’s words, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

First self-awareness – then self-knowledge and we are on our way. In our families we teach by example which will expand by our actions into the broader community.

Jim and Dan emphasize the vital role that leaders play in establishing and maintaining integrity.

Theirs is a timely and valuable book. It is must reading for all who are concerned about the moral dry rot that is the subject of media exposure. It may be even more important for those who are unaware of the moral cancer that is spreading throughout our lives or do not appreciate its extent.

Whether there are eight attributes, fewer or more, or even whether the concept of integrity precisely defines our present crisis is not as important as is the fact that profound improvements in our social fabric would result from following their proposals. They are the guidelines to the creation of a much needed sense of community and wholeness in our society.

Jim and Dan have done a great service in showing us the path to the restoration of integrity. The responsibility is now ours to follow it.”
--THE HONORABLE CHARLES B. RENFREW, former United States Federal Judge, former Deputy Attorney General of the United States, former Vice-President, Legal Affairs, Chevron Corporation, San Francisco, California

“Wow! Wow! Wow! What a book! Integrity Matters is so powerful that it defies description! There are very few books in our lifetime that can make a difference in our lives.This is one of them. It is a "must read" for everybody. It will have a positive, life changing impact on the rest of your life, this book is so powerful that it defies description. It will not only change every person and organization, but also our country. There will be a return to greatness through integrity. The reading is so enjoyable, but it also hits your body and causes reverberations to your mind like the music from a rock concert reverberates off your body. There are no ebbs and flows, but only a steady staccato of why the restoration of integrity is so important. Can we do this as a person, organization, or even a country? You bet! Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran have provided us with the roadmap to success. It is so simple but so powerful. I found this book provided me with the most positive, rewarding, and life-changing experience in recent memory. This is one of those truly rare MUST READ books. Thank you for writing Integrity Matters, and keep up the great work.”
-- FRED A. RIDDLE, DDS, Iowa City, Iowa

“This book contains valuable messages for all segments of society--teenagers, senior managers and the general public."
--C. KENNETH ROBERTS, General Counsel (retired), Houston, Texas

“Integrity matters when you start and end your day and everything in between. It matters to everyone you touch but sometimes it is not recognizable until you are touched by someone else who knows that integrity matters. Reading Integrity Matters sheds the light of real experiences that can be easily interpreted by every level of person reading it. The many facts and historical true to life references make this good and educational reading. I recommend it for anyone who wants to make a positive difference in their future.”
--JOHN E. RODENHAUSEN, Chief Operating Officer, Tricon North America, Inc., Carlsbad, California

“We have hoped for some years that you would write a book and it was worth the wait! You and Dan Halloran, in writing Integrity Matters, built upon the eight attributes of integrity, clearly describe the values to which all should aspire. It is our hope that people, whether engaged in business or not, will take the opportunity to read Integrity Matters. “
--PEG AND JOHN ROYSE, Sanibel Island, Florida

"Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran tackle the big enchilada in a culture in transition, namely the erosion of integrity in our institutions, our organizations, and our businesses, and those individuals whose task it is to lead them. In a blunt spoken expose of this slippery slope, Bracher and Halloran chronicle the pervasive nature of this malady and the disasterous consequences for our country and our world if the tide is not turned. Ethical clarity emerges as the authors gives new meaning to common sense, all of it delivered with a sense of urgency. No part of our society has been left untouched. Integrity Matters is a book for leaders, and anyone who aspires to a leadership style where integrity truly matters."
– AMBASSADOR ROBERT A. SEIPLE, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Institute for Global Engagement, Centreville, Maryland

"Integrity Matters is an impressive publication; an outstanding guide on values and principles covering a wide range of settings; a rich resource that captures complex ideas in a concise, interactive dialogue format; useful for anyone or any organization to reroute their ethical compass and practices"
--LAVKUMAR SHELAT, Toronto, Canada

“Integrity DOES matter. It always has, of course, but in today's environment of mistrust of many of our institutions and leaders it takes on new relevance in our daily lives. Integrity needs to be at the forefront of every enterprise--be it business, government, the media, or even not-for profits. Jim and Dan have taken an important and complex subject and reduced to a very readable book. I recommend it to anyone concerned about integrity today, which should be everybody.”
--D. VAN SKILLING, Skilling Enterprises, former Chief Executive Officer of Experian Information Solutions, Inc. (formerly TRW Credit Services), Palm Desert, California

“Integrity Matters by Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran reminds readers that honoring commitments and treating people properly is the right thing to do and it is the most productive and profitable way to operate. Building strong relationships is the foundation for healthy family life and sound business transactions. Putting out straight and honest energy in dealing with others; this is how to live an integrity-centered life.”
--ANDREW C. “ANDY” SMITH, Andrew Smith Company, Salinas, California

“Integrity Matters is stimulating and challenging...guaranteed to make you think, hard, about integrity in America today."
--PETER P. SMITH, Ph.D., President, California State University, Monterey Bay, Seaside, California

"Practical, timely and much needed guidance is abound in this well written book. A "must read" for all Chief Financial Officers."
--SAM SRINIVASAN, Founder, Health, & former Chief Financial Officer, Cirrus Logic, Fremont, California

“As modern as Martha Stewart and Sammy Sosa yet as ancient as the ethical roots of religions. As fleeting as the Dixie Chicks and Richard Grasso, yet as enduring as the Commandments. Integrity Matters addresses the deep dimensions required in healthy societies. It all begins with individual leaders who operate out of worthy values.

Reading this book, Integrity Matters, gives hope that a society which has lost its moral compass can find due North and actually move again in a worthy direction.

One of the great gifts of Integrity Matters is that it deals with the realm of the possible. Not ethereal. Not out of reach. But right in front of you, possible, step by step, until individuals, governments, organizations remember how to walk straight up and ahead.”
--The RT. REV. WILLIAM E. SWING, Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of California, San Francisco, California

"Integrity - or "Holding Fast to the Source" as the ancient sages of the East put it - has been of utmost relevance since the dawn of civilization. Sometimes, though, we lose sight of it. Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran remind us that INTEGRITY MATTERS! Their thoughtful and thought provoking book is both useful and fun to read, with many highly relevant and entertaining anecdotes. I am sure the authors would not mind at all if this book were to spur as much cocktail chatter as introspection. The more said the better!"
--GEORGE E. SYCIP, San Francisco, California

"One of the biggest challenges in changing the world is that a small percentage of people do break the rules and "get away with it". This seduces a few more. This is not a reason to quit trying. I applaud Bracher and Halloran's efforts; their theme of integrity is the best long-term for business and is the course of behavior that most cultures, philosophers and religions endorse. So, if you want to run a prosperous business for the long-run and like what you see when you look in the mirror, live your life by the principles in Integrity Matters!"
--FRANK L. TODD, retired senior executive, Barrington, Illinois

“Jim Bracher and Dan Halloran have in this book Integrity Matters given new and relevant reinforcement to the idea that honesty is the best policy.”
--SANDER VANOCUR, Santa Barbara, California

“I very much enjoyed reading Integrity Matters. The book is clearly NOT just another business behavior doctrine. It provides principles that can be used in all aspects of our lives. And it demonstrates the magnitude of how much influence one individual can have in a society.

How we react and respond to challenges (individually and collectively) defines who we are. The road from trustworthiness to deception is paved with “one compromise at a time”. Within all of the recent business scandals, we can see the collective impact of such compromises. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Integrity Matters provides us with the insight to conduct ourselves in ethical and responsible ways whenever we have to provide counsel, make decisions, communicate a message or build a team. The message is clear and consistent and is presented in a logical outline using real issues and concerns put forth by real people. It takes character and courage to deal with difficult situations openly and honestly. Jim’s practical responses show us that we can make a difference in restoring trust, by responding ethically, one instance at a time, thereby setting examples for others to follow.

As a business turnaround consultant, one line of this book really hit home:

“Those in authority who intentionally promise too much are hiding behind fears that the truth will not be adequate.”

I have seen many business managers who have apparently lost sight of their actual responsibility. Instead of responding to true influences on a business [supply, demand, economics, market fluctuations, safety, technology breakthroughs, etc.], some decision makers are far more influenced by their perception of what the stakeholders want to hear. Often, when a financial sponsor, or board of directors “demands” better performance, the executive takes it as permission to compromise. Suddenly, the executive abdicates his/her responsibility as though presenting the truth is no longer an option. Thus begins the cycle.

Let us all break this cycle by dealing with difficult issues head on, and demonstrating how much simpler things can be if we don’t defer the inevitable, thereby allowing it to mushroom into a much bigger problem.

Following the framework provided by Jim and Dan in Integrity Matters, we, as individuals can help restore the trust that we as a society allowed to deteriorate in the first place.”
– MARY D. WALTUCK, Beesley Associates,Inc., Boston, Massachusetts

"The 8 attributes for trust provide a simple, thought provoking, framework people can use in guiding their decisions and actions. Bracher and Halloran provide a basis for discussion and can be useful as reference in instruction. Ethical dilemmas are often not easily or clearly solved by rules or guidelines, thus the premises presented offer great discussion points. I also very much enjoyed the examples given, via the questions/answers, as well as the stories interspersed throughout. As a master instructor for our Ethics and other training in my company, I favor the use of real time examples, which I believe aids in effective learning. Integrity Matters confirms my understanding, and validates my approach in dealing with ethical/integrity issues.”
--COLLETTE E. WIGGINS, Director of Human Resources, Barrington, Illinois

"Integrity Matters provides a unique source of information about integrity and trust in a form that will be of immense value to business management and teachers of young people at the present time and well into the future. The health of our free market system and of society in general may well depend on the extent to which we learn the lessons this book teaches us."
--JAMES W. WILSON, Austin, Texas

“Jim and Dan take aim at the fallacy that “greed is good.” In a back-to-basics tour-de-force, they challenge us to re-orient our localised thinking, providing frameworks that emphasize the need for integrity in business and life. They underline that this not only matters, but our futures depend upon it.”
--PHILIP J. WILSON, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Adeptra Ltd., Reading, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

"Foundational reading for Marriage and Family Counselors and those in the helping professions, this book is about enhancing relationships via integrity. The authors present powerful illustrations that parallel corporations and marriages, business leadership and parent modeling, business ethics and family values. A valuable resource for us as we build private practices, work in agency and governmental positions, and most importantly, as we support our clients who seek guidance, as business owners, employees, partners and parents, in our changing world."
--JUDITH YEAGER, Marriage and Family Counselor, Founder, Gestalt Therapy Training Institute, Las Vegas, Nevada

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