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Eight Attributes of an Integrity-Centered Company
by James F. Bracher

1. CHARACTER: consistency between word and deed.

Do the leaders of your organization exhibit congruence between what they say and what they do, as well as what they say about what they did? Do leaders exhibit the right behavior?

2. HONESTY: truthful communication.

Do you have confidence that your leaders would never engage in or sanction misrepresentation?

3. OPENNESS: operational transparency.

Is appropriate information about your organization readily available?

4. AUTHORITY: employee encouragement.

Are you able to correct a customer problem? Do you have confidence that your actions will be supported?

5. PARTNERSHIP: honor obligations.

Does your company pride itself on timely fulfillment of all commitments?

6. PERFORMANCE: accountability throughout the organization.

When individuals, including senior executives, under-perform repeatedly, are they given due process and then, if necessary, replaced?

7. CHARITY: generous community stewardship.

Does your organization reach out to those in need?

8. GRACIOUSNESS: respect and discipline.

Does your organization demonstrate care and concern for all stakeholders?

Rev. July 25, 2003; original February, 2003.

James F. Bracher, creator of the Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership, is the founder and chairman of Dimension Five Consultants, Inc. a management consulting firm in Monterey, California.

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